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Inside the Mountain is an area in Terrydactyland in Banjo-Tooie. It is accessed by many outer areas of Terrydactyland, one of which includes the top of the mountain where Terry is met. There is a section of this area that's only accessable by Baby T-Rex Banjo, where a series of correct roars must be done in front of a small gate to access a Jiggy behind it.

In the very center of the mountain's interior is a tall pillar emerging out of the water, that once stood on, Chompa will appear and swallow the duo where a mini-game can be played within the dinosaur's insides for a Jiggy.

Once Terry is defeated, there is an area in the center of Terry's Nest that can be destroyed and entered which brings the player to another Jiggy within the mountain. Also, one of Terry's eggs can be found here in the upper area, but can only be hatched by Kazooie once Terry's defeated.