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The Jiggy Pad Switch is found within the furthest tree from the tree that has the two oak leaves platforms for climbing up in Click Clock Wood's Entrance Room. It activates the Jiggy Pad within Click Clock Wood's Puzzle Room.


  • Oddly, this is the only Jiggy Pad Switch within the entire game, most likely to stop players from unlocking the world too early, and have wasted Jiggies, making the player low on jiggies and have to get all the jiggies in Clanker's Cavern or even motivating them to restart the game.
  • Due to the oddly far distance between the Puzzle Room and the World Entrance, players think that the location of the Click CLock Wood Puzzle Room was origionaly intended for the Fungus Forest entrance, also because it appears to have fungus on the trees, which is absent in Click Clock Wood.