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Jinjo Village, an area of the Isle o' Hags that has only appeared in Banjo-Tooie, has ten houses (one of which is in ruin) where each differently colored Jinjo Family dwells. 46 Jinjos live in the village, including their king, but when the Hag 1 came, it caused all of the Jinjos except King Jingaling to flee, and they must be rescued throughout the game. One of these Jinjo homes was for the Grey Jinjo family, which never appear in the game due to the fact that, as one can see, their home was run over by the Hag 1, possibly killing them all. A sign behind their ruined house reads: In loving memory of the Grey Jinjo Family. Passed away unexpectedly when a huge digging machine flattened their house.

In the middle of Jinjo Village is King Jingaling's Throne Room - a large gold building. It unfortunately falls victim to the B.O.B. (short for Big O' Blaster) and turns an ashen grey as a result. The village had nine families, each with a different color. The number of Jinjos in each family also varied by color, (i.e. the white family consists of 1 Jinjo, the orange family has 2, the yellow has 3, and so on). When you have found all the Jinjos in one family, they will reward you with a Jiggy. It's possible that the grey Jinjo family once had 10 members, following the pattern above.

The Jinjo Villiage also features Bottles' House, the first of Jamjars' Silos, a cave containing a Banjo-Kazooie Game Pak, and the link back to Spiral Mountain via Digger Tunnel.

Family houses[]

Jinjo Village at first had 10 family houses, but due to the gray one completely destroyed, only 9 of them are mostly intact with the red one that has a destroyed edge. The first Red Jinjo would even go back there if Banjo and/or Kazooie rescue it.


Jinjo Village Theme
When window pops up click open and wait for the music tune to load.
Play this tune.


  • A passage directly to Wooded Hollow can be accessed by jumping onto a ledge between the white and yellow Jinjo houses. Under normal circumstances, it is not accessible without the Grip Grab thus making it one-way from Wooded Hollow until the ability is received. It is possible to reach this ledge by jumping in Talon Trot from the arch on the White Jinjo house, performing a Feathery Flap to extend the distance, then performing a Beak Buster. The small extra air distance from the Beak Buster makes it possible to land on the ledge. However, King Jingaling will prevent you from entering the passage, claiming you need to see him first. You can enter the passage after visiting his palace and completely skip Bottles' House.