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Jolly's Jukebox is a jukebox found in Jolly Roger's Lagoon in Banjo-Tooie. Although it is generally inactive, after finding all of the Cheato Pages and returning them to Cheato, the jukebox will be activated. By using the jukebox, you are able to listen to all of the music previously heard in the game, categorized by levels, then specific areas, then bosses, etc.

Missing songs[]

Despite the fact that every in-game music track seems to be in the list, at least two are missing.

  • "Wonderwing Theme" - Strangely enough, every other variation, such as the "Clockwork Kazooie Bomb" are present.
  • "Spiral Mountain - Gruntilda's Lair Theme"
  • "Spiral Mountain - Approaching Cheato"
  • "Cloud Cuckooland Inside Zubba Hive" which is different from all other Cuckooland variations.
  • "Mumbo's Skull" - The Mingy Jongo remix is present though.
  • "Wumba's Wigwam"
  • "Glitter Gulch Mine - Approaching the Space Zone" - plays when near the shortcut to Witchyworld.
  • "Isle o' Hags - Approaching the Zombified Throne Room" - plays when in the gray area around Jingaling's zombified throne room.
  • "Grunty Industries Aquatics" - Banjo can swim underwater in the shortcut from Jolly Roger's Lagoon.


  • After saving Merry Maggie, Jolly will continually jump on and off the counter, making a thumping noise each time. This noise can still be heard when playing a song on the jukebox, even though all other noise is filtered out.
  • When the player has selected a level to list to music, the voice of Jamjars as well as the head icons for each character go silent, so as to allow the player to only hear the music.
  • Most music tracks requires the player to have visited the areas in which they are played at least once, otherwise, the game will deny allowing the player to listen to them
    • The music for King Jingaling's zombified throne room can't be played once the Tower of Tragedy quiz is finished if the player never visited it between getting the first Jiggy and beating Tower of Tragedy.
    • The music for the Party at Bottles doesn't require the player to go to Bottles' House in order for this to be unlocked. This is likely because most players would choose to go straight to the final boss fight immediately after the Tower of Tragedy if they have enough Jiggies by then.
    • The music that plays when entering a Jinjo house that's missing some of its members can be missed if the player never entered any of the houses before rescuing all of the Jinjos.
  • It is possible to soft-lock the game in front of the jukebox if the player fires a Clockwork Kazooie while standing where the character stands when the jukebox is playing and then pressing B when in front of the jukebox. The Clockwork Kazooie will just infinitely walk to Banjo, who is blocking its way.