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Jolly Roger's Lagoon is the fourth level in Banjo-Tooie. It is a pastoral seaside town that, according to signpost outside it, is a famous tourist resort and is "fun for all the family". As one would expect, the town overlooks a large, deep-looking lagoon. The town proprietor, Jolly Roger, also runs the local inn, and Captain Blubber runs a store that rents waveracers out to tourists. Other points of interest around town include Pawno's Emporium, a small gift shop, Turtle View Cave; where sightseers can see Tiptup and Tiptup Jr., and a heavily-polluted communal pool located beside Jolly's.

At first glance, Jolly Roger's Lagoon is a very small area with only the several aforementioned buildings, the actual lagoon, and little else. However, with a little help from Mumbo, it is discovered that the bulk of this world lies hidden under the sea, unfolding into a glorious and treacherous vista called Atlantis.

The entrance to Jolly Roger's Lagoon is a closed gate found on a lone peak on the Isle o' Hags' Cliff Top.

Moves Learned[]

Jamjars Hatch 1: Wing Whack[]

  • Jolly Roger's Lagoon - To the left along a path into Turtleview Cave (265 Notes)
  • If the B button is pressed while standing still, Kazooie will do a spin that can attack enemies. This move is only available when controlling Kazooie.

Jamjars Hatch 2: Sub-Aqua Egg Aiming[]

  • Jolly's - Learned at a room in Jolly's Tavern. (275 Notes)
  • Allows Banjo & Kazooie to aim and Fire Eggs underwater.

Jamjars Hatch 3: Talon Torpedo[]

  • (290 Notes)
  • Press Z while underwater and Banjo will launch kazooie in the form of a torpedo, allowing the player to control Kazooie for a short amount of time. Press A to propel Kazooie faster and the analog stick to aim/move around. Egg aiming mode is also available in this state. This move costs 5 Red Feathers.



  1. Cough up 20 Doubloons for a Jiggy at Pawno's: Once you are on dry land, why not visit Pawno, the pawnbroker of the town? He has a beautiful Jiggy—circa Banjo-Kazooie—for sale! Pay him 20 Doubloons to buy it—Jiggy prices certainly have gone up in recent years.
  2. Protect Chris P. Bacon: A mysterious temple can be found in Atlantis. To enter, Banjo and Kazooie must fire eggs at the urns held by mermaid statues in a certain order. The urns are marked by four Greek letters: Sigma (Σ), delta (Δ), pi (π) and omega (Ω). This opens the Temple of the Fishes! Shooting a wrong statue results you in starting over so it's best to check the order first rather than shooting random statues. The correct order is shown on the entrance of the door. Once inside, they meet Chris P. Bacon, who wants to use his Game Boy Camera to take pictures of the images on the walls. Unfortunately, some hungry fish want to take a bite of Chris. The pair must protect him from the chomping critters to earn his Jiggy prize.
  3. Inside a Seemee fish: You ever wonder what a fish would look like with a Jiggy inside it. Well you can see it now, but you'll have to kill it for the prize. Torpedo Them All!
  4. Get the UFO back up and running: The lagoon has many interesting sea features...but one of the structures actually came from the sky. It's a UFO, full of aliens! Banjo and Kazooie must go inside and use Ice Eggs to restore power to the aliens' ship and let it take off, freeing a Jiggy beneath the craft. This Jiggy must be earned in order to complete Hailfire Peaks. They had dropped some fellow travelers at a fire/ice island and said they were going to retrieve them (and guess who had to help them?).
  5. Free Merry Maggie Malpass from the Big Fish: Jolly Roger, the proprietor of Jolly's Tavern and mayor of the town, needs help. His partner Merry Maggie Malpass vanished while riding one of Blubber's Waveracers. Banjo and Kazooie can find her in the mouth of the Big Fish, which is swimming around Big Fish Cavern. Once they shoot out the fish's teeth with Eggs, they can free her and earn a Jiggy from the very jolly Jolly.
  6. Win the Mine Shooting game as Submarine Banjo: While Mumbo's Sunlight spell oxygenates the water of the Lagoon, his magic cannot change the problems of deep sea pressure. Only Submarine Banjo can enter the deepest part of the water and play Gruntilda's Mine Shooting Game to win her Jiggy by earning at least 60 points.
  7. Defeat Lord Woo Fak Fak in Davy Jones's Locker: In the depths of the deep blue sea, there is a place where pirates go to die, known only as Davy Jones' Locker. Surprisingly, it is an actual locker, which Banjo and Kazooie can enter! Inside, though, the gruesome, boil-covered Lord Woo Fak Fak—evil "Self-Important Anglerfish"—waits, ruling over the ocean. The pair must utilize Sub-Aqua Egg Aiming or the Submarine Banjo transformation to defeat him.
  8. Hatch Tiptup's VERY overdue son (Kazooie-exclusive): An old friend waits for you in Turtle View Cave--Tiptup! In order to get to him you must blow a hole in Mumbo's wall with a grenade egg first. He is waiting for his son to come out of his egg...but he is many weeks overdue. Kazooie needs to use her Hatch skill to free the baby. To get there blast open a secret door at Mumbo's house. Unfortunately, he comes out "tipped up!" Use the Wing Whack or, alternatively, release a grenade egg (No turtles were harmed in the making of this game*) from the back to right the child and earn a Jiggy.
  9. Inside the Smugglers' Cavern: Smugglers are known for hiding mountains of treasure in their caverns. As it happens, there is a Smuggler's Cavern beneath Jolly's Tavern, and a certain golden, jigsaw-puzzle shaped treasure is there! The heroes can blow up a stock of TNT in the frog's spare room to open a passage to the Cavern. Kazooie must then Glide to pick up the prize. A Clockwork Kazooie Egg can also be used. A third way to obtain this Jiggy is to use the Feathery Flap and the Wing Whack in order to jump far enough to reach it without the use of Glide. This method might take a few tries, though, and is made easier with the SUPERBANJO code, that makes Banjo and Kazooie run faster. A fourth and final way to obtain the treasure is to nab the Turbo Trainers in Blubber's shop, dash to Smuggler's Cavern, and then wait in front of the entrance until the timer on the Turbo Trainers rings. Right before your white sneakers fade from existence, use the last bit of your super speed to jump toward the Jiggy. If timed well, the Turbo Trainers will disappear mid-jump, allowing you to Feathery Flap and Wing Whack your way to the platform to claim your reward. A variation of this is to use the Turbo Trainers, run up to the base of the platform, and use the Leg Spring (learned in Grunty Industries) to reach the Jiggy.
  10. Clean and warm the piglets' pool: This Jiggy takes quite a bit of time and travel between worlds to collect. Two piglets want to swim in their pool, but the water is far too cold and polluted to take a dip. Banjo and Kazooie can enter the pipe to discover Grunty Industries and turn off the sewage pipe-but that still leaves the problem of temperature. Once the pair reaches Cloud Cuckooland, they can push George Ice Cube from his perch and into a scalding pit of water in Hailfire Peaks. They can then open a door at the bottom of the hot water and it will drain into the pool, fixing the problem and earning a Jiggy!

Jamjar Locations[]

  • Wing Whack: In an alcove next to Captain Blubber's shop (Kazooie Only).
  • Sub-Aqua Egg Aiming: In Jolly's; Banjo and Kazooie must use two dabloons to unlock the room he located in.
  • Talon Torpedo: In the Electric Eel's Lair.


  • At Pawno's Shop, up in the rafters, next to a doll of Grunty.
  • Under the tall rock Wumba's Wigwam is on top of.


  • In the rafters of Blubber's shop: Blubber may be poor, but at least he still has friends—the greatest treasure of all. In fact, one little friend—a Jinjo—is hanging out in the shop's rafters. Use the Shock Jump Spring pad behind the counter or alternatively use Flap-Flip on the stack of barrels in the corner to reach the rafters and save him.
  • Main area, across the water in an alcove (1 Doubloon req.): Captain Blubber's wasteful ways have cost him all of his Doubloons. For just one, he will sell you his last possession—a pair of Turbo Trainers! Use these to rush across the Lagoon's surface and rescue a Jinjo. Although if the player is experienced, Banjo can just jump from the water and into the alcove. Alternatively, the player can use a Clockwork Kazooie Egg to attain this particular Jinjo. 
  • In a chest in the Sunken Ship: In the Sunken Ship, just beyond Atlantis, there is a sunken treasure chest with an image of a Jinjo on it. Free this little fellow and get him out of the water before he drowns!
  • High up the Seaweed Sanctum: In the mysterious Seaweed Sanctum, living Seaweed plants guard a prize-a Jinjo—on the upper levels of the building. Use the Shock Jump to save him from the aggressive agriculture.
  • In the Big Fish's belly: That mammoth fish that swallowed Merry Maggie also likes the taste of Jinjos—there's one in his stomach! Pull the little guy out before he gets digested!

Empty Honeycombs[]

  • Inside a Seemee fish: There is a Seemee fish swimming around in a random location. It has an Empty Honeycomb stored in its transparent body. Use the Talon Torpedo to claim it.
  • On a pipe near Jolly's: Use the Bill Drill on a patch of uneven ground near Jolly's; inside should be a Shock Jump Pad. Use it to get on the roof of Jolly's (use the Talon Trot as soon as you get up there), then go to the chimney, which should have another Shock Jump Pad. Use to get to a ledge and go along it until you are above a pipe, which should have the Empty Honeycomb on it, and drop down.
  • In a small alcove in Atlantis: In Atlantis, on the right side of the outside of the Temple of the Fishes building, there should be a small alcove in the ground, inside of which is an Empty Honeycomb.

Cheato Pages[]

  • Inside a Seemee fish: As with one of the jiggies and a honeycomb, a Cheato page can be found inside one of the fishes as well. As always, you will need the Talon Torpedo to poke it out of him.
  • Above the entrance to the Ancient Swimming Baths: Use the Talon Torpedo move near the Atlantis entrance to enter the Ancient Swimming Baths. There's a Cheato page above the doorway, you'll need Kazooie's Leg Spring and Glide moves to get to it.
  • At Pawno's Shop: Once Pawno has sold you the Jiggy, his next item on sale is a Cheato Page. It will cost you 5 doubloons. After obtaining the Jiggy from Pawno the player must leave his shop and then re-enter the shop to purchase the Cheato Page.


  • Gamer Pic (Jiggy): Collect all the Doubloons in town.
  • Treble Clef: Guarded by a Blubbul.




Points of Interest[]

Shortcuts to Other Worlds[]

  • Glitter Gulch Mine, via a pipeline in a sunken ship. (This helps you get a Jinjo.)
  • Grunty Industries, via a waste disposal pipe (This helps you get a Jinjo. The Waste Disposal Plant, however, is only accessible through this entrance. You can't access any other areas of Grunty Industries, nor can you get in here from Grunty Industries.)


Jolly Roger's Lagoon is likely named after the Jolly Roger, a symbol of piracy. It may also be derived from Jolly Roger Bay, a location from Super Mario 64.


  • Jolly Roger's Lagoon was originally the Pirate Village from Project Dream.
  • The names on the lockers (besides "D. Jones") are the names of Banjo-Tooie team members.
  • "D. Jones" is short for Davy Jones, the name of the bottom of the sea.
  • The UFO and the Mountains for treasure appears in Banjoland.
  • In the UFO, Kazooie asks the aliens if they need to "phone home." This is a reference to the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
  • Kazooie asks if any of the aliens are named "Elvis". It's the name of an alien from PERFECT DARK, another Rareware game. This could also be a reference to the common belief of what happened to Elvis Presley.
  • The Big Fish is similar to Lord Jabu-Jabu, a giant fish that swallows the player whole, from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, because in both games you must go inside the large fish to rescue an amphibian like creature. In both games, the walls of the insides are similar in color and move around.
  • There is a character in Jolly Roger's Lagoon called Chris P. Bacon. This is a play on words, as if said phonetically, it reads Crispy Bacon. Chris P. Bacon is a pig, making his name ironic.
  • This is the first level which not featured chuffy


Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジョリーのリゾート
Jorii no Rizooto
Jolly's Resort
Spanish Laguna de Alegre Roger Jolly Roger's Lagoon
French Lagon de Joyeux Roger Jolly Roger's Lagoon
German Jolly Rogers Lagune Jolly Roger's Lagoon
Italian Laguna di Jolly Roger Jolly Roger's Lagoon