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“We Juju, Mumbo's totem pole. Feed us with nice blue stones
Juju, Banjo-Kazooie

Juju is a large stone totem pole found in the middle of the village in Mumbo's Mountain. Juju spins around and asks to be fed "blue stones" (eggs) that Banjo and Kazooie can provide by firing an egg into each segment's gaping mouth. Once a segment has been fed, it will vanish and the rest of the stack will drop down one and spin faster.

Once all four segments have been fed and disappear, a Jiggy will appear where Juju once stood. Juju will reappear when Banjo and Kazooie leave the world and can be given more eggs, but the Jiggy can only be obtained once.

There is an Extra Honeycomb Piece which occupies the same space as one of Juju's segments. It can be reached by firing eggs into all but the last segment, then using the Flap Flip to jump on top of it to retrieve it.


  • The sounds that Juju makes when he talks are actually Mumbo's slowed down.