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  • Banjo! Wake up......Now!
  • Let's get outside, there's trouble!
  • Better than you can, goggle boy!
  • Calm down, geeky, we'll get her back! Where did she go?
  • (declining training from Bottles) You bet we're good enough, bottle brain!

Spiral Mountain[]

Learning moves in Spiral Mountain

  • (learning the camera controls) Geez...That's nothing special!
  • (learning the camera controls) Is that all worm breath?
  • (learning the jumping controls) Pah! What do moles know anything about jumping?
  • (learning the jumping controls) Why? I'll look silly, I know it!
  • (learning the jumping controls) That's it, we're ready to move on!
  • (learning the jumping controls) What, wearing ridiculous glasses and a silly grin?
  • (learning the swimming controls) C'mon Banjo, I want to swim! Spill the beans, specky!
  • (learning the climbing controls) I'm not! Tell me about flying, root muncher!
  • (learning the beak barge attack controls) At least I've got some legs, short stuff!
  • (learning the beak barge attack controls) I'm trying this move out on you next, jam jars!
  • (learning the attack controls) Just try it, bottle boy!
  • (learning the attack controls) Hey! I want some moves!
  • (learning the attack controls) I want to learn to fly now!
  • (learning the attack controls) Stop rolling, I feel sick!
  • (learning the attack controls) It had better be a good one, squinty!
  • (learning the attack controls) Give me another, bogeyes!
  • (learning the attack controls) Hey! I want some moves!

Exiting Spiral Mountain

  • (talking for the first time) You

Gruntilda's lair[]

  • Learning to complete jigsaw puzzles
    • We've got the first jigsaw piece, goggle boy!
  • Learning to open note doors
    • Open it up then, jam jars!

Mumbo's mountain[]

  • Learning moves in Mumbo's Mountain
    • (learning the beak buster attack controls) Gulp...I don't like the sound of that, Banjo...
    • (learning the egg controls) I'm listening, beetle breath...
    • (learning the egg controls) Hey...Sounds cool! Anything else?
    • (learning the egg controls) Sheesh...Sounds painful, I wish I'd never asked...
  • Talking to Mumbo
    • Watch it, hut boy!



  • Don't be so sure, Banjo...
  • Hey! Look outside, everyone! Grunty the witch is coming!
  • Oh... Er, false alarm, Bottle. Must've been some shadows.
  • C'mon, bone face, let's play. I feel lucky!
  • B-but it's dark out there and...Err, I'll be scared...
  • What a sucker, huh? C'mon, Banjo, gimme a hand...
  • Guess I'll be having that birdseed after all, huh, Banjo?
  • Yeah, yeah, skull boy, and I bet she had two heads!
  • Look at our house!
  • Hang on, where's goggle boy?
  • He wasn't the favorite character in Banjo-Kazooie anyway...
  • Sorry...
  • Great, I get to peck some more witch butt! Let's go, Banjo!

Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge[]

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bots[]