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Keelhauls are pirate enemies that hang around Jolly Roger's Lagoon. They are located around the Town, within the structures of Atlantis and in the stomach of the Big Fish. Their weapon of choice is a large, black club (or possibly a belaying pin).

When they spot Banjo, Kazooie or Mumbo, they will shout "Ahoy!" (similar to the Seaman Grublins from Rusty Bucket Bay) and will then run up to the duo to try and whack them with their clubs.


  • The name 'Keelhaul" refers to a 17th-century method of torture/execution for pirates and sailors, which involved running a rope along the underside of a ship (the "keel"), tying the condemned sailor to one end, and then pulling the other, dragging them down along the keel. The one being keelhauled would either drown or get seriously injured/killed from the number of barnacles and other marine growth clinging to the keel.