Klungo's Lab
Cliff farm 6
Game(s) Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge
World(s) Cliff Farm
Jiggies involved 1

Klungo's Lab is a secret room found in the Bluff Barn of Farm Heights.

The only way for Banjo to access the room is by activating a Witchy Warp pad using his Roll Attack on a nearby switch. Inside the lab, Banjo finds Klungo creating more monsters of Gruntweeds and Whiplashes for Gruntilda, as well as working on his latest "bear removal" formula. Klungo then notices that Banjo discovered his secret room and a boss fight ensues.

During the battle, Klungo throws potions at Banjo while using a magic shield to protect against Banjo's attacks. However, Klungo's shield disappears intermittently and Banjo attacks Klungo using his Roll Attack and Pack Whack. After 3 hits, Banjo defeats Klungo, who retreats for the moment and surrenders a Jiggy and a Mumbo totem to the bear.

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