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L.O.G.'s Lost Challenges is a premium DLC add-on to Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. It was released for 400 Microsoft Points on April 7th, 2009. It is set in the Test-o-Track.


IMPORTANT: Each Jiggy you earn in a L.O.G's choice vehicle makes the Jiggy black and white on the Klungo Painting, and when you do the challenges again with your vehicles, the Jiggy will be in color. Jiggies and T.T. Trophies earned in this world do not count towards your total count.

ACT 1[]


Several Sized Sumo[]

  • Talk to Pikelet on the ice.
  • Push Pikelet off the three discs.

Ben Hurdle[]

  • Talk to Humba near the water deck.
  • Drive the vehicle and jump over the hurdles.
  • You get a 1 second penalty for not clearing a hurdle completely and a 3 second penalty for hitting a Pedestrian Stand-in.

Big Rimmed Race Off[]

  • Talk to Mumbo on the Race Track.
  • Race Mumbo, Bottles and a Jinjo round the Test-o-Track.

Car Park Cavalcade[]

  • Talk to Jolly near the water deck.
  • Stay inside the crown and use the propellers when you need them.

Hoop Scoop[]

  • Talk to Mr. Fit on top of the giant ramp.
  • Carry the basketball through the hoops.
  • There are three possible hoops to go through.
  • Mr. Fit's High Score is 45 in L.O.G.'s Challenge (55 in the Player's Challenge).

Glossy Gaffes[]

  • Talk to Bottles under the giant hoop.
  • Deliver the paint drums to the three people (Four if doing players choice).


  • This world's intro is a parody of the intro to The A-Team.
  • L.O.G. mentions the L.O.G. Blueprints for this area are fan made and not very good.
  • It's best not to make new vehicles in the L.O.G.'s Lost Challenges Test-o-Track due to not being able to test them out.
  • Humba's challenge is "beta" (she said it). It's about a Western, then it's probably from the beta world Weird West (also the weird west music was used for the LOG's Lost Challenges "Challenge Theme").


There are an additional ten Achievements worth 250 Gamerscore in the L.O.G.'s Lost Challenges downloadable content.

Icon Achievement Summary Gamerscore
PointlessAchievement Pointless Achievement Find the L.O.G. Lost Challenges Door 5
CrowdPleaser Crowd Pleaser Knock down all the Supporting Cast in Ben Hurdle. 20
WheelsOnFire Wheels on Fire Burn an opponents's vehicle, until it falls apart at the seems. 20
HalfwayHome Halfway Home Complete all of L.O.G.'s lost challenges once. 15
Ultimate-PlayedTheGame Ultimate - Played the Game Show Sssuper Klungo the real meaning of sssuper. 50
PaintTheTownGold Paint the Town Gold Complete all of L.O.G.'s lost challenges to TT standard. 40
SssaveTheUniverssse Sssave The Universsse! Complete all Lost Challenges in L.O.G.'s Choice and Player's Choice vehicles 30
OldSsskoolSsseekritArea Old Ssskool Ssseekrit Area Klungo not ssstupid, usse old fake wall trick to hide Klungo goodnesss 20
L.O.G.RankedApprentice L.O.G. Ranked Apprentice Win one of the new DLC multiplayer games in a ranked match 20
L.O.G.Master L.O.G. Master Win all of the new DLC multiplayer games 30

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ログのおまけチャレンジ L.O.G.'s Addition Challenges
Spanish Los Desafíos Perdidos de S.J. L.O.G.'s Lost Challenges
Italian Le sfide perdute di LOG LOG's Lost Challenges