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Limbos are skeletal enemies found in Mad Monster Mansion.


Limbos appear as big-headed skeletons with fierce red eyes. They can be seen walking around in various areas of Mad Monster Mansion. When they spot Banjo and Kazooie, they let out a high-pitched groan and start chasing them, swiping at them with their bony hands when they get close enough.


At first glance, Limbos seem like typical low-tier enemies, wandering around a small area and only chasing the player up to a certain point before returning to their patrol route. Hitting a Limbo just once with any attack causes them to fall backwards and shatter into a pile of inert bones. However, this does not put them down permanently, nor does it give any honeycombs, as they will quickly reform and get right back up once seconds later, making them more of an obstacle (similar to Mum-Mums from Gobi's Valley). The only way to put them down permanently is to use the Wonderwing.


  • Limbo's name seems to be a reference to either Limbo, the upper area of Hell in Catholic theology, the party game Limbo, based on their movement, or the word "limb" due to their skeleton-based appearance.
  • Limbos share an ability with the Mario enemy "Dry Bones", an Undead Skeleton Koopa, as both cannot be defeated by normal means, both enemies' bodies shatter into pieces when attacked, both reform quickly after being shattered, and only special powers (Super Star/White Racoon for Mario, Wonderwing for Banjo and Kazooie) will truly finish them off.