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Tower of Tragedy Quiz

The questions have been sorted by order of the different worlds and areas.

o = Correct Answer
x = Incorrect Answer

General Knowledge[]

How many letters are there in the name "Banjo-Tooie"?
x - 11
o - More than 9 (10)
x - Less than 10

How many different characters were involved in the opening story sequence?
x - 6
x - 7
o - 8 (Banjo, Kazooie, Mumbo, Bottles, Klungo, Gruntilda, Mingella, and Blobbelda)

How long did Gruntilda spend in her grave?
o - "2 years"
x - "1 year, 6 months and 23 days
x - 3 years

Which of these is Bottles' kid?
o - Goggles
x - Tizers
x - Biggles

What color are Banjo's shorts?
x - Red
x - Blue
o - Yellow

What is the difference between Colosseum Kickball compared to Mayahem Kickball?
x - There were more opponents
x - You only played two games
o - Whoever scored the least won

What color are the normal blue eggs?
x - White
o - Blue
x - Red

What do the Jinjos say when they are rescued?
o - Jinjo!
x - I'm free!
x - Cheers!

What color is Mumbo's feeble energy staff attack?
x - Yellow
x - White
o - Pink

Which of the Banjo-only moves is activated by holding Z button (N64) and pressing C up button (N64)?
o - Sack Pack
x - Snack Pack (There is no such move)
x - Shack Pack (It is activated by holding Z button (N64) and pressing C down button (N64))

What would Banjo do if you pressed A button (N64)?
x - Crouch
o - Jump
x - Attack

What was the first game that Banjo appeared in?
o - Diddy Kong Racing
x - Super Banjo Land 64
x - Banjo-Kazooie

What can Kazooie do when she is on her own that she can't do when Banjo is with her?
x - Wear Claw Clamber Boots
x - Fly
o - Hatch eggs

Which of the following worlds does not have a train station?
x - Glitter Gulch Mine
o - Jolly Roger's Lagoon
x - Terrydactyland

Which of these worlds has the most letters in its name?
x - Mayahem Temple (13)
o - Terrydactyland (14)
x - Hailfire Peaks (13)

Now for a nasty one - what number question is this on my list?
x - 73
x - 166
o - 228

What is the name of a quiz I haven't hosted?
x - Tower of Tragedy
x - Grunty's Furnace Fun
o - Beat the Bear

Who is my lovely thin sister?
o - Mingella
x - Mungella
x - Makky

Who is my rather large sister?
x - Gutbuckita
o - Blobbelda
x - Lardella

Which color Jinjo does not appear in this game?
o - Grey
x - White
x - Black

What is the name of the Indian who changes Banjo into other characters?
x - Boobly Doobly
x - Wocka Nocka
o - Humba Wumba

What does Humba Wumba live in?
x - A cardboard box
o - A tent
x - A skull

What does Mumbo Jumbo the shaman live in?
x - A magical castle
x - A tent
o - A skull

What spell can Mumbo not perform?
o - Earthquake
x - Heal (He performs this spell in Isle O' Hags)
x - Rain Dance (He performs this spell in Cloud Cuckooland)

Which Banjo-Kazooie world is not seen as a picture in Banjo-Tooie?
o - Gobi's Desert
x - Treasure Trove Cove
x - Freezeezy Peak

Which potion does Klungo not drink before attacking you?
x - Enlarge
x - Invisibility
o - Speed

What shape is the TV in the game selection screen?
o - Honeycomb-shaped
x - Circular
x - Star-shaped

What color are the Clockwork Kazooie eggs?
o - Red with yellow spots
x - Yellow with red spots
x - Blue with green spots

Spiral Mountain[]

What has Cheato the spellbook lost?
o - His pages
x - His pager
x - His pageboy

How does Cheato the spell book help Banjo?
o - Awards cheats
x - Gives Mumbo spells
x - Provides refreshments

Isle O' Hags[]

How many egg nests are there in Heggy's Egg Shed?
x - 5
x - 1
o - 3

Where does King Jingaling live?
x - In a shed
x - In a boat
o - In a throne room

What is the name of the Jinjos' king?
o - Jingaling
x - Dingaling (Kazooie calls him this when they first meet)
x - Singalong (Kazooie calls him this after the game is beaten)

How many times did Banjo defeat Klungo?
x - 1
x - 2
o - 3

What is the name of the female bee who gives you extra energy?
x - Buzzy B
x - Bumble B
o - Honey B

Who lives in Jinjo Village?
x - Master Jiggywiggy
x - Banjo
o - The Jinjos

What is unusual about Master Jiggywiggy?
x - He's got no head
o - He's got a Jiggy for a head
x - He's got two heads

What shape are the floor tiles in Jiggywiggy's temple?
x - Triangular
o - Jigsaw-shaped
x - There are no tiles

What type of doll is Bottles' daughter playing with in Jinjo Village?
x - Joanna Dark
x - Banjo
o - Donkey Kong (The XBLA version changes this answer to "an adorable gorilla")

What is Bottles' son playing with in Jinjo Village?
o - A plane
x - A Game Boy
x - A tiger

What is Mrs. Bottles' first name?
x - Betty
x - Milky
o - It was never mentioned

What can be found in the Isle O' Hags Quagmire area?
o - A railway bridge
x - A large dinosaur head
x - A Mumbo Skull

What color Jinjo house did the digger flatten in Jinjo Village?
o - Grey
x - Yellow
x - White

Who owns the sacred temple where the Jiggy games are played?
o - Jiggywiggy
x - King Jingaling
x - Master Jigjag

What is the name of the broken ride outside the entrance to Witchyworld?
x - Cauldron Canyon
x - River Raft Rapids
o - Flume of Doom

Which of these is not an area on the Isle O' Hags?
x - Quagmire
o - Forest Grove (It's "Pine Grove")
x - Wooded Hollow

Mayahem Temple[]

What animal had a problem with a plague of flies?
o - A cow
x - A pterodactyl
x - A monkey

What is the name of World 1?
o - Mayahem Temple
x - Glitter Gulch Mine
x - Mayahem Mine

How did Banjo get inside the Kickball Stadium in Mayahem Temple?
x - With a Grenade Egg
o - Disguised as a Stony
x - Bribes the guard

Which of these areas is found in Mayahem Temple?
x - Targitzan's Almost Sacred Chamber
o - Targitzan's Slightly Sacred Chamber
x - Targitzan's Super Secret Chamber

Which image isn't on Mayahem Temple's prison switches?
x - A sun
o - Haley's Comet
x - A star

What does Mayahem Temple's catlike warrior baddy carry?
o - A club
x - A spade
x - The Queen of Hearts

Which of these areas is not found in Mayahem Temple?
x - Jade Snake Grove
x - Kickball Stadium
o - Dart Gun Fields

What didn't the Jade Snake do in Mayahem Temple?
o - Bite Banjo
x - Sleep
x - Eat a Jiggy

What spell did Mumbo perform in Mayahem Temple?
o - Summon
x - Power (He performs this spell in Witchyworld)
x - Levitate (He performs this spell in Glitter Gulch Mine)

How are Mayahem Temple's statue dart guns deactivated?
x - With a big switch
x - Using the Bill Drill
o - Firing an egg between their eyes

What do you have to shoot to gain entry to Mayahem Temple's Treasure Chamber?
x - Mumbo's Head
o - Snake Heads
x - Flies

What is Targitzan the Mayan god of?
x - Sunlight
o - Target Shooting
x - Tiddlywinks

What is found at the top of the highest structure in Mayahem Temple?
x - Jamjars
x - Jinjo
o - Jiggy

Who is the 'Mighty Mayan God of Target Shooting?'
x - Marzipan
x - Fryinpanz
o - Targitzan

What color are the feathers on the darts fired by the Mayahem Temple statue dart guns?
x - Yellow
x - Blue
o - Red

What had Terrydactyland's nasty Unga Cavemen stole from Mayahem Temple?
x - A car
x - A sacred stone
o - A gold relic

Glitter Gulch Mine[]

What had the prospector lost in Glitter Gulch Mine?
o - His partner
x - His wallet
x - His pickaxe

What is the name of World 2?
x - Jolly Roger's Mine
o - Glitter Gulch Mine
x - Grunty's Mine

Who lurked in the train's boiler in Glitter Gulch Mine?
o - Old King Coal
x - Big Bad Boiler Beast
x - Master Pufta

What is the name of the train that travels between the worlds?
o - Chuffy
x - Pufta
x - Guffo

What is on the picture in the Prospector's Cabin in Glitter Gulch Mine?
x - He and his wife
o - He and his partner
x - He and some glamour models

What was stuck in Glitter Gulch Mine that belonged in Witchyworld?
x - The prospector
x - The burger stall owner
o - The saucer

What color is the toxic gas in Glitter Gulch Mine?
x - Purple
o - Green
x - Browny Yellow

What tool attacks Banjo in Glitter Gulch Mine?
o - A shovel
x - A cordless drill
x - A hammer

What is the name of the birdlike character in Glitter Gulch Mine?
x - Crow Joe
x - Parakeet Pete
o - Canary Mary

What spell does Mumbo perform in Glitter Gulch Mine?
x - Sunlight (He performs this spell in Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
x - 1000-year curse (There is no such spell)
o - Levitate

What mine-related feature is not in Glitter Gulch Mine?
x - A rail track
o - A drill
x - A power generator

How many water tubs are in the Water Storage Cavern in Glitter Gulch Mine?
o - 2
x - 3
x - 4


What is in the Haunted Cavern's Zoo?
x - Alien Child
x - The Sick Styracosaurus
o - Gobi the Camel

What is the name of the saucer ride in Witchyworld?
x - Saucer of Milk
o - Saucer of Peril
x - Saucer of Tragedy

What is Witchyworld's inflatable castle called?
o - Crazy Castle
x - Fort O' Fun
x - Silly Stockade

What is the name of World 3?
o - Witchyworld
x - Jolly Roger's Lagoon
x - Jolly's Circus O' Fun

Where is the Jiggy located in Witchyworld's Star Spinner?
x - In a crater
x - Under a UFO
o - On top of a planet

What is Mr. Patch announced as in Witchyworld?
x - Bizarre bouncing blow-up blimp
x - Ridiculous rotund rubber ruffian
o - Strange wobbly inflatable thing

Why was Witchyworld closed?
o - Appalling safety record
x - All the rides were broken
x - The staff were on strike

What does Humba Wumba change Banjo into in Witchyworld?
o - A van
x - A washing machine (This transformation occurs in Grunty Industries)
x - A kitchen sink (This transformation does not exist)

What color is Witchyworld's big top tent?
o - Blue and White
x - Red and White
x - Black and Blue

What fairground fast food is not available in Witchyworld?
x - Burgers
o - Doughnuts
x - Fries

What happens inside Madame Grunty's tent in Witchyworld?
x - Inflatable boss fighting (Mr Patch is fought in the big top tent)
o - Fortune telling
x - Drinking

What is Witchyworld's strength-based attraction called?
x - Stagecoach of Might
o - Cactus of Strength
x - Poncho of Power

How many tickets are required to get into Witchyworld's Big Top Tent?
x - 3
o - 4
x - 6

What spell does Mumbo perform in Witchyworld?
o - Power
x - Turned lead into gold (There is no such spell)
x - Life force (He performs this spell in Hailfire Peaks)

In the Witchyworld Star Spinner, how many stars lead you up to the mechanical planet?
x - 2
o - 3
x - 4

Jolly Roger's Lagoon[]

What is the name of Jolly Roger's partner in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
x - Happy Haggy
o - Merry Maggie
x - Mucky Makky

Which sea-based creature is not seen in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
x - Octopus
o - Shark
x - Anglerfish

Who is not found in Jolly's?
o - Captain Blubber
x - Jamjars
x - Jolly Roger

Which of these moves is learned in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
x - Breegull Blaster (This move is learned in Mayahem Temple)
x - Bill Drill (This move is learned in Glitter Gulch Mine)
o - Talon Torpedo

What does Blubber rent out from his waveracer shop in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
x - Go-Karts
x - Videos
o - Waveracers

What is Lord Woo Fak Fak announced as in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
x - High and mighty aquatic hero
x - Egotistical locker lurker
o - Self-important anglerfish

What was the pig in the cage in Jolly Roger's Lagoon trying to do?
o - Film the paintings
x - Repair the temple walls
x - Look for lost treasure

What drink is on sale at Jolly's?
x - Orange Squash
o - Ginger Beer
x - Jolly's Juice

What is the name of the seasick pirate in Jolly's?
x - Foureyes
o - Blackeye
x - Browneye

What is the name of the giant anglerfish in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
x - Baron Woo Fak Fak
x - Sir Woo Fak Fak
o - Lord Woo Fak Fak

What name is on the locker you could enter in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
x - M. Bates
o - D. Jones
x - W. Anchor

What object did the UFO aliens in Jolly Roger's Lagoon not carry?
x - A ray gun
x - A walking stick
o - A hammer

Which area does not exist in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
o - Anchor Repair Shed
x - Seaweed Sanctum
x - Temple of the Fishes

What was Tiptup the turtle's problem in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
o - His egg wouldn't hatch
x - He'd been hit with a cannonball
x - He'd lost his shell

What's unusual about the Mumbo Skull at Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
x - There was a Jiggy in it (No Mumbo Skull contains a Jiggy)
x - An evil Mumbo lived inside (Mingy Jongo lives in Cloud Cuckooland)
o - It had a secret passage

What was wrong with the pirate in Jolly's?
x - Homesick
x - Sickness and Diarrhoea
o - Seasick

How many broken waveracers does Captain Blubber's shop have in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
o - 2
x - 3
x - 4

What is on Jolly's menu in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
o - Seaman's Surprise
x - Cabin Boy's Sausage
x - Pirate Crew Stew

What was wrong with the aliens' UFO in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
o - It had run out of fuel
x - The toilets were blocked
x - The computer was broken

Who has one of the prizes from my last quiz, Grunty's Furnace Fun?
x - Captain Blubber
o - Pawno
x - Jolly

Apart from Davy Jones, the lockers in Jolly Roger's Lagoon display names of whom?
x - Famous movie stars
x - Former American presidents
o - Banjo-Tooie team members


What is wrong with the dinosaur who lived in the lake inside Terrydactyland's mountain?
x - Broken Neck
o - Stomach Cramp
x - Headache

What is the name of the dinosaur who lived in Terrydactyland's lake?
o - Dippy
x - Chewadocus
x - Chompasaur

What move does Banjo learn on his own in Terrydactyland?
o - Taxi Pack
x - Sack Sack (There is no such move)
x - Pack Whack (He learns this move in Witchyworld)

What do you have to shoot inside the Chompasaur's belly in Terrydactyland?
x - Boils
x - Balloons
o - Ulcers

What did one of the nice Oogle Boogle cavemen do?
x - Threw himself on the fire
o - Rubbed two sticks together
x - Scraped two rocks together

What did the nice Oogle Boogle cavemen need in Terrydactyland?
x - Food and drink
o - Food and warmth
x - Furs and clubs

Which area does not exist in Terrydactyland?
x - Stomping Plains
o - The Hatchery
x - River Passage

What spell does Mumbo perform in Terrydactyland?
o - Enlarge
x - Bubonic Plague (There is no such spell)
x - Sunlight (He performs this spell in Jolly Roger's Lagoon)

What is the name of Terrydactyland's two rival cavemen tribes?
o - Unga Bungas and Oogle Boogles
x - Unga Bungas and Oopsy Doopsies
x - Ugly Buglies and Oogle Boogles

What did the giant pterodactyl accuse Banjo of in Terrydactyland?
x - Messing up his nest
o - Stealing his eggs
x - Hitting the smaller pterodactyls

What type of dinosaur are Terrydactyland's mother and three kids?
x - Styrofoamus
x - Styroramoanasaurus
o - Styracosaurus

What is the name of the pterodactyl in Terrydactyland?
x - Larry
x - Barry
o - Terry

What dinosaur type is not found in Terrydactyland?
x - Stegosaurus
o - Velociraptor
x - Pterodactyl

Grunty Industries[]

How many floors does Grunty Industries' service elevator stop at?
x - 4
o - 5
x - 6

The oil pipeline in the Grunty Industries Waste Disposal Plant comes from where?
x - Jolly Roger's Lagoon
x - Glitter Gulch Mine
o - Hailfire Peaks

What is at the very top of the lift shaft in Grunty Industries?
o - Signposts
x - A Jinjo
x - An egg nest

What was unusual about the Mumbo Skull in Grunty Industries?
x - There wasn't one
o - It was made of metal
x - It had a secret passage (The one in Jolly Roger's Lagoon has one)

The water pipeline in the Grunty Industries waste disposal plant comes from where?
x - Glitter Gulch Mine
o - Jolly Roger's Lagoon
x - Hailfire Peaks

What is the name of the factory in World 6?
o - Grunty Industries
x - Witchyworks, Inc.
x - Witch Industrials

What is at the top of Grunty Industries' chimney stack?
o - Empty honeycomb
x - A Jinjo
x - Jamjars

How many different ways into the factory in Grunty Industries are there?
x - 13
o - 11
x - 9

What item of clothing does Banjo the Washing Machine fire in Grunty Industries?
o - Shorts (Underwear)
x - Socks
x - Shirts

Which is not a cable color in Grunty Industries' Cable Room?
x - White
x - Yellow
o - Black

What is Weldar announced as in Grunty Industries?
x - Sonically limited welding torch
o - Visually impaired welding torch
x - Nasally congested welding torch

What spell does Mumbo perform in Grunty Industries?
x - Petrify (There is no such spell)
o - EMP
x - Enlarge (He performs this spell in Terrydactyland)

Which Jet Force Gemini character can you find a poster of in Grunty Industries?
o - Vela
x - Juno
x - Lupus

What is the color of the rotating lights in Grunty Industries?
o - Yellow (Floor 3)
x - Purple (Floor 4)
x - Red (Basement)
(Note: This refers to the lights in the elevator shaft. While these colors all appear on different floors of the factory, yellow is counted as the correct answer.)

What is written on the electromagnet cover in Grunty Industries?
x - Caution - Stay Clear
o - Danger - High Voltage
x - Warning - Powerful Magnet

Which of these is an area in Grunty Industries?
x - Transport Depot
o - Repair Depot
x - Delivery Depot

What is the main danger in Grunty Industries' Quality Control?
o - Toxic gas
x - Crushers
x - Laser beams

What brand of battery is used to open the battery-operated doors in Grunty Industries?
o - Bazza
x - Lezza
x - Shazza

What is the name of Grunty Industries' boss character?
x - Wellard
o - Weldar
x - Weldup

What is blocking the vents in Grunty Industries' Sewer System?
o - Clinkers
x - Turdlets
x - Squitters

How many chimneys does the factory have in Grunty Industries?
x - 0
x - 1
o - 2

What pressure level is shown on the exterior dials of Grunty Industries' Trash Compactor?
o - 10
x - 50
x - 125

Which of these isn't an area in Grunty Industries?
x - Boiler Plant
o - Generator Plant
x - Air Conditioning Plant

What is packed in Grunty Industries' packing room?
o - Twinklies
x - Nuts, bolts and washers
x - Chocolate

In Grunty Industries, what is wrong with Weldar the welding torch?
x - He has stomach cramps
o - His eyesight is bad
x - His nozzle is sore

In Grunty Industries, what do the mean factory workers try to whack you with?
o - A wrench
x - A hammer
x - A pillow

Why did Loggo complain in Grunty Industries?
o - He needed unblocking
x - He needed a cleaning
x - He needed flushing

What is on the wallpaper in the factory workers quarters?
o - Mumbo
x - Joanna Dark
x - Gruntilda

What game does not have a refrigerator magnet in the Workers Quarters in Grunty Industries?
x - Jet Force Gemini
x - Perfect Dark
o - Banjo-Kazooie (Banjo-Tooie has one; this option is replaced with Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts in the XBLA version, where the Banjo-Kazooie logo replaces the Donkey Kong logo)

Hailfire Peaks[]

Boggy the Polar Bear has given up sled racing to do what?
x - Go fishing
o - Watch TV
x - Read pawn magazines

What are the names of Mr. and Mrs. Ice Cube in Hailfire Peaks?
x - Ed and Gabby
x - Albert and Ethel
o - George and Mildred

Which of these is one of Boggy's kids?
o - Soggy
x - Doggy
x - Foggy

Which of these is an area in Hailfire Peaks?
o - Icicle Grotto
x - Boggy's Den (Boggy lives in an igloo)
x - Crystal Caverns

What is the color of Boggy the polar bear's bedspread in his Hailfire Peaks igloo?
x - Purple and green
x - Red and blue
o - Orange and yellow

Why couldn't Chuffy the train travel to the ice side of Hailfire Peaks?
x - Tracks didn't go there
x - Ran out of steam
o - Boiler was too hot

On Hailfire Peaks, how many different sizes of Banjo the snowball are there?
x - 4
o - 5
x - 6

What is the name of the frozen explorer in Hailfire Peaks?
o - Sabreman
x - Daggerchap
x - Cutlass Guy

What wall-dwelling fiery object attacks you in Hailfire Peaks?
x - A burning torch
x - A massive foot
o - A giant hand

Which of these isn't an area in Hailfire Peaks?
o - Glacier Grotto (It's "Icicle Grotto")
x - Lava Crater
x - Inside the Volcano

What is the name of the big-footed yeti in Hailfire Peaks?
o - Biggafoot
x - Biggoboot
x - Clubbafoot

Who might you find lurking on the ice side of Hailfire Peaks?
x - Biggahead
o - Biggafoot
x - Biggabutt

Which item isn't found inside an ice cube in Hailfire Peaks?
x - A Jinjo
x - A treble clef
o - A Cheato page

What spell does Mumbo perform in Hailfire Peaks?
x - Sunlight
x - Stormcloud
o - Life Force

How did Gobi the camel help you once he'd reached Hailfire Peaks?
x - He started the oil drill(Banjo does this as a snowball)
o - He cooled the train
x - He freed Sabreman(Mumbo does this)

What object is the alien girl holding in Hailfire Peaks?
o - A mirror
x - A hairbrush
x - A ray gun

What does Hailfire Peaks' oil drill unearth?
x - An alien kid
x - Oil
o - A Jiggy

How many icicles fall from the Icicle Grotto roof in Hailfire Peaks?
x - 5
o - 7
x - 10

What game is played in Hailfire Peaks' Colloseum?
o - Kickball
x - Table football
x - Pinball

How many points do the players start with in the semifinal game of the colosseum kickball?
x - 0
x - 25
o - 50

What does Boggy the polar bear want to eat in Hailfire Peaks?
x - Pizza
o - Fish
x - Burgers and Fries

Since when has Sabreman been frozen in his block of ice in Hailfire Peaks?
x - 1982
o - 1984
x - 1986

What miniature doll is one of the alien kids holding on Hailfire Peaks?
o - Jinjo
x - Mumbo
x - Banjo

What falls from the Icicle Grotto roof in Hailfire Peaks?
x - Light fixtures
o - Icicles
x - Rocks

What is the name of a dragon boss brother in Hailfire Peaks?
x - Silly Billy
x - Hottie Tottie
o - Chilly Willy

Cloud Cuckooland[]

What is Mingy Jongo announced as in Cloud Cuckooland?
x - Devious Mumbo-A-Like
x - Fiendish Master of Disguise
o - Crafty Shaman Impersonator

Which Banjo-Kazooie character can be seen on the side of the milk carton in Cloud Cuckooland?
o -Tooty
x - Mr Vile
x - Brentilda

Which of these areas is home to Guffo in Cloud Cuckooland?
o - Inside the Trash Can
x - Inside the Jelly Castle (The only thing inside it is a Jiggy)
x - Inside the Snack Tin (This area does not exist)

What is the name of sky-high world 8?
o - Cloud Cuckooland
x - Cloud Kingdom
x - Fluffy Cloudland

How many Jiggies do you have to shoot in Cloud Cuckooland's Pot O' Gold game to win a Cheato Page?
x - 50
o - 75
x - 90 (You need 90 to win a Jiggy)

What can be raced around Cloud Cuckooland?
o - A clockwork mouse
x - A battery-powered bird
x - A wind-up tortoise

What is the name of Cloud Cuckooland's Athlete?
x - Mr. Fat
o - Mr. Fit
x - Mr. Fab

What color is Cloud Cuckooland's Jelly Castle?
o - Strawberry (red)
x - Orange
x - Lime

By which method could you travel around Cloud Cuckooland?
o - Cannon Plants
x - Mushroom Taxis
x - Flower Gliders

Which is a weapon used by the flat bad guys inside Cloud Cuckooland's Central Cavern?
x - A pork chop
o - A hot dog sausage
x - A fish

Which is a weapon used by the flat bad guys inside Cloud Cuckooland's Central Cavern?
x - A banana
o - A candy cane
x - A baseball bat

What is at the very top of Cloud Cuckooland?
x - A cuckoo
o - A wasp statue
x - The hive entrance

What is the name of Cloud Cuckooland's talking safe?
o - Superstash Deluxe
x - Swagbox Supreme
x - Booty Grabber Pro

What is the name of Mumbo's cyborg impersonator?
o - Mingy Jongo
x - Jinja Minga
x - Spongy Mattross

What brand of food container is not seen in Cloud Cuckooland's trash can?
x - Salted Snack Treats
x - Snacky Fatty Chocs
o - Wonderbarf Snacks

What is the combination of Cloud Cuckooland's talking safe?
x - 0898
o - 1984
x - 2001

What's found inside Cloud Cuckooland's cheese wedge?
x - Tomatoes
o - Onions
x - Biscuits

How many ways are there into Cloud Cuckooland's central cavern?
x - 9
o - 12
x - 15

Which spell does Mumbo perform in Cloud Cuckooland?
x - Levitate (He performs this spell in Glitter Gulch Mine)
o - Rain Dance
x - Sunlight (He performs this spell in Jolly Roger's Lagoon)

What's found inside Cloud Cuckooland's Pot O' Gold?
x - A hoard of stolen gold
x - Jamjars' secret ability
o - A shooting game

What label would you find on the bottle inside Cloud Cuckooland's Trash Can?
o - Jolly's Juice
x - Mingella's Milk
x - Wumba's Water

Which character first seen in an earlier world made a Cloud Cuckooland reappearance?
o - Canary Mary (She first appeared in Glitter Gulch Mine)
x - The aliens (They appear in Jolly Roger's Lagoon and Hailfire Peaks)
x - Gobi (He appears in Witchyworld and Hailfire Peaks)

What did the Zubba want you to do in his hive on Cloud Cuckooland?
o - Shoot his friends
x - Collect the money
x - Find the queen

What is the full name of Cloud Cuckooland's floating creature?
x - Floaty Maximus
x - Floatsum Jetsum
o - Floatus Floatium

Cauldron Keep[]

What did Klungo say he was going to do as a new career?
x - Sell used cars
o - Make games
x - Become a DJ

What is the background of the quiz logo on the wall over there?
x - Me and my sisters
o - A fork of lightning
x - The gun tower

How heavy is the weight above your stupid head?
o - 1 ton
x - 10 tons
x - 100 tons

What shape is the stand that I'm reading these questions from?
x - Circular
o - Star-Shaped
x - Square


What didn't you see?
x - A white moon
x - An orange sun
o - A silver star

Where was the "Q"?
x - Fourth row down
o - Second row down
x - Middle row

How many green bottles were there on the shelves?
x - 8
x - 9
o - 10

What is this?
o - The ceiling of the Treasure Chamber
x - The floor of the Seaweed Sanctum
x - The edge of Bubblegloop Swamp

What color were the propeller tips?
x - Green and red
o - Yellow
x - White

Who is that?
o - Mr. Pants
x - Mr. Y's
x - Mr. Shorts

Where would you see this?
x - Hailfire Peaks
x - Isle O' Hags
o - Mayahem Temple

Which fridge magnet was farthest right?
x - Perfect Dark logo
o - Jet Force Gemini logo
x - Banjo-Tooie logo

How many small fans did you see?
x - 4
x - 5
o - 6

What was on the picture on the wall?
x - Boggy's igloo
o - A snowman
x - Boggy's kids

What was the name of that Terrydactyland area?
x - Back Passage
x - Waterfall Passage
o - River Passage

Where would you see this in Witchyworld?
o - Cave of Horrors
x - The Haunted Cavern
x - Monster's Lair

What color was the cable?
x - Green
x - Red
o - Blue

Who lives here?
o - The Prospector
x - Canary Mary
x - Guffo

What was the color of the pirate's necktie?
x - White
x - Red
o - Yellow

What type of footwear are these?
x - Turbo Trainers
o - Neither of these
x - Springy Step Shoes

Where did you see this?
x - Icicle Grotto
o - Inside the UFO
x - Dodgem Dome

How many flashing lights were there on the fence?
o - 9
x - 8
x - 10

How many ribs did the fossil have?
x - 5
o - 7
x - 8

What color was the rat's helmet on the picture?
x - Orange
o - Yellow
x - Pink

Which color is not used on the rug?
x - Yellow
x - Green
o - Red

What cost 4 doubloons?
x - Seaman's Surprise
x - Coq au vin
o - Toad in the Hole

Where is this seen?
x - On a ship's sail
x - On a poster
o - On a tent

Where would you see this fridge?
o - Grunty Industries
x - Bottles' House
x - Prospector's Hut

Where would you see this in Mayahem Temple?
o - Treasure Chamber wall
x - Targitzan's Chamber ceiling
x - Stadium floor

Which dial is in the red?
x - Neither of them
o - The right one
x - The left one

Who lurks in here?
x - Spannar
o - Weldar
x - Screwar

How many letters on the sign?
x - 25
x - 35
o - 30

What does this switch do?
x - Knocks the arch down
o - Raises the columns
x - Opens the colosseum

Which character wasn't seen in Jolly's?
o - Captain Blubber
x - Merry Maggie
x - Jamjars

What was Conga not wearing?
o - A bow tie
x - A hat
x - A pair of boots

How many of the crates were open?
x - Some of them
o - None of them
x - All of them

How many planks were there?
x - 9
x - 7
o - 8

What color is the red barrel?
x - Grey
o - Red
x - Blue

Where would you see this?
x - Inside the Big Fish
x - Inside the UFO
o - Inside Chompa's belly

What appears in here?
x - Clinkers
x - Twinklies
o - Ulcers

Which Terrydactyland tribe is he from?
x - Oogle Boogle
o - Unga Bunga
x - Rocknuts

What brand is the salted snack treats?
o - Tat
x - Kak
x - Yuk

What was wrong with these cavemen?
x - Cold and wet
x - Bad breath and hiccups
o - Cold and hungry

What color was the duvet nearest the camera?
x - Red and white
o - Red and blue
x - Orange and red

Where would you see this rug?
x - Mumbo's Skull
o - Wumba's Wigwam
x - Unga Bunga Cave

Which monster had no teeth?
x - The green one
x - The red one
o - The blue one

What is this structure?
x - Star Spinner game
x - Weldar's home
o - Dodgem Dome

How many stars did you see?
o - 27
x - 24
x - 22

Where is this?
o - Pawno's Emporium
x - Blubber's Waveracer Hire
x - Jolly's

What shape was the rug on the floor?
x - Square
x - There was no rug
o - Circular

Who told your fortune in Witchyworld?
o - Madame Grunty
x - Gypsy Grabcash
x - The Mistress of Fortune

What color were the three monster heads?
x - Blue, red and yellow
x - Red, green and purple
o - Green, blue and red

How many blades did the big fan have?
x - 5
x - 3
o - 4

Where is this?
x - Terrydactyland
o - Spiral Mountain
x - Mayahem Temple

Is this a...
o - Pump Master 2
x - Pump Maestro 2
x - Pumper Master 2

What letter was to the left of "P"?
x - M
o - None of them
x - G

How many coins with Jiggies on them were there?
x - Less than 5
x - 5
o - More than 5

Where was this seasick pirate found?
x - Jolly's Bar and Bistro
o - Jolly's
x - Drive-Thru McJolly's

How many bricked-up archways did you see?
x - 2
x - 1
o - 3

Where is this in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
x - Sewer Sanctum
o - Seaweed Sanctum
x - Slime Sanctum

What were on the bedside tables?
x - Clothes
o - Lamps
x - Books

Hag 1 Battle Questions[]

100-80 Hit Points[]

80-60 Hit Points[]

60-40 Hit Points[]

Hag 1 Questions from the Top of Tower in Cauldron Keep[]

What was the name of the first game I starred in?
x - Perfect Grunty
x - Grunty Kong 64
o - Banjo Kazooie

Who is on the front of the Banjo-Kazooie box?
x - Banjo, Kazooie and Donkey Kong
x - Banjo, Kazooie and Gruntilda
o - Banjo, Kazooie and Mumbo

Who is the largest character on the back of the Banjo-Tooie box?
x - Banjo
o - Gruntilda
x - Mumbo Jumbo

What ESRB rating has Banjo-Tooie got?
o - E - Everyone
x - K-A - Kids to Adults
x - M - Mature

How many letters in My name?
o - Thirteen Minus Four (9)
x - One Plus Seven (8)
x - Five Times Two (10)

Who was winning your pathetic card game?
o - Bottles
x - Mumbo (The game counts Bottles as the correct answer, even though Mumbo was clearly winning!)
x - Tooty (she does not appear in this game, other than as a photo in Cloud Cuckooland and as a photo on Banjo's wall)

What is the Name of the Local Magical Creature?
x - Global
o - Glowbo
x - Globule

What is my name spelled backward?
o - Adlitnurg (Gruntilda)
x - Alitnrug (Gurntila)
x - Addiltnurg (Gruntlidda)

Which of you take part in the multiplayer quiz?
x - Banjo, Jamjars, Bottles and Wumba
o - Banjo, Mumbo, Jamjars and Wumba
x - Banjo, Mumbo, Jamjars and Bottles

What cards did you have during your stupid little card game?
o - and A Jack
x - 3,4,7, Ace and A King
x - 4,4,8,10 and A Queen

Which of Jamjars' abilities cost the least and most to learn?
x - Grip Grab and Shack Pack (35 and 640)
o - Egg Aim and Sack Pack (25 and 765)
x - Egg Aim and Shack Pack (25 and 640)

How many buttons has an official Nintendo Controller?
o - 10 (A button (N64), B button (N64), Template:START, Z button (N64), Template:L, R button (N64), C up button (N64), C left button (N64), C right button (N64), and C down button (N64))
x - 8
x - 9

What is on the license plate of my lovely Digger?
x - Grunty 1
x - Witch 1
o - Hag 1

What color potion did Klungo never use?
x - Yellow
o - Purple
x - Green

Which Jinjo family had the most members?
x - Pink
o - Black
x - Brown

How many characters live in buildings within Jinjo Village?
x - 46
x - 49
o - 50 (The mole family, King Jingaling, and 45 Jinjos)

Which Jinjo family had 5 members?
x - Blue
x - Red
o - Green

What Color were King Jingaling's Slippers?
o - Pink
x - Green
x - Blue

Which Jinjo family only had one member?
o - White
x - Black
x - Yellow

What color Jinjo was on the front of the Banjo-Kazooie box?
x - Orange
x - Green
o - Purple

What color is My scarf?
x - Red
o - Purple
x - Green

What number am I thinking of?
x - One
o - Two
x - Three

Which is these is true?
x - Jamjars teaches you 27 new moves
x - Cheato has lost 24 pages
o - There are 3 yellow Jinjos

Which Jinjo family house did I demolish with my little digger here?
x - Pink
x - Silver
o - Grey

What is the name of my beautiful life-sucking gun?
x - W.I.L.L.I.A.M.
o - B.O.B.
x - D.A.V.E.

What logo was on Mrs. Bottles' coffee mug?
o - Banjo Tooie
x - Banjo Kazooie
x - Donkey Kong 64

Who lives in the enormous egg just outside Mayahem Temple?
x - Cocky the Cockerel
x - Hooter the Rooster
o - Heggy the Hen

What is the total number of legs on all of Humba Wumba's transformations?
x - 14
o - 12
x - 16

What is the National Sport in Mayahem Temple?
x - Tiddlywinks
x - Basketball
o - Kickball

How many sections made up Targitzan in Mayahem Temple?
o - Five
x - Four
x - Three

Before you met me, which boss character had the most energy?
o - Old King Coal
x - Terry
x - Lord Woo Fak Fak

What was the name of Glitter Gulch Mine's prospector?
x - Gold Bar Bryan
o - Bullion Bill
x - Klondyke O'Reilly

What different-colored gem piles were found in Glitter Gulch Mine?
x - Red, Green and Yellow
x - White, Blue and Red
o - Blue, Green and Purple

What was strange about Canary Mary?
o - She Had Wings
x - She Had Two Heads
x - She Had Fifteen Legs

Who sold burgers in Witchyworld?
x - Little Willy
x - Medium Moe
o - Big Al

Where was the switch for the burger stand in Witchyworld?
x - In The Star Spinner Area
o - On Top of the Ticket Booth
x - Behind the Fries Stand

How many tents were there in Witchyworld?
x - Two
o - Three (The big top, Wumba's Wigwam, and Madame Grunty's fortune-telling tent)
x - One

What are the arch enemies of the Jinjos called?
x - JooJoos
o - Minjos
x - Bumjos

How many sections did The Saucer of Peril ride fly through?
x - Four
o - Five
x - Six

How did the missing dinosaur get home?
x - By Plane
x - By Sea
o - By Train

What color was Mumbo's pad in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
x - Green
o - Yellow
x - Blue

What type of drink was Captain Blackeye drinking?
o - Water
x - Cappuccino
x - Ginger Beer 

Who was in the painting in Pawno's Emporium?
o - Brentilda
x - Bottles
x - Captain Blackeye

What was wrong with the kids in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
x - It was Too Small
x - It Was full of Shopping Carts and Car Tires
o - It Was Cold and Full of Toxic Waste

How many members of the Unga Bunga tribe were there?
x - Two
o - Three
x - Four

Why was big Terry unhappy?
o - His Eggs Had Been Stolen
x - His Nuts Had Been Stolen
x - His Crisps Had Been Stolen

How many Battery-Operated Doors were there in my factory?
o - Four
x - Five
x - Six

What was blocking up the vents in the factory sewers?
x - Clonkers
x - Clankers
o - Clinkers

Who is Boggy?
x - A Silly Hippo
o - A Polar Bear
x - A Toilet

What did the dragon brothers want on Hailfire Peaks?
o - Pizza
x - Doughnuts
x - Pork Rinds

What was Biggafoot guarding in the icy side of Hailfire Peaks?
x - A Jiggy
x - Some Golden Eggs
o - A Pair of Claw Clamber Boots

What was on the empty bottle in the trash can on Cloud Cuckooland?
o - Jolly's Juice
x - Cheato's Cheapo Cola
x - Blobby's Brew

What was the name of my excellent and entertaining quiz?
x - Tower of Trivia
x - Tower of Triumph
o - Tower of Tragedy

What is the name of my cauldron located in the gun chamber?
o - Dingpot
x - Dungpot
x - Cold Ron

How many Jiggies did you need to open the door that led up here?
x - 65
o - 70
x - 75

What was the first word i said when you got up here?
x - You're
o - Finally
x - Hey!

XBLA Version[]

What are Banjo and Kazooie doing on the the Banjo-Tooie Arcade Box?
x - Cooking
o - Flying
x - Playing Cards