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In the Banjo-Kazooie series, there are magic users that can alter various things, including Banjo and Kazooie's form. This is a list of those spells and transformations. Generally, a transformation allows Banjo and Kazooie to either fit into a group of like members (such as becoming a walrus to befriend another walrus), to tackle obstacles otherwise unscalable as a bear and bird (such as a snowball growing bigger to activate a large switch), or to enter areas that bears and birds cannot access (such as mechanical-personnel-only doors).


In Banjo-Kazooie, all transformations are all immune to damaging terrain, can all fit in small spaces, and can all climb slopes too steep for even the Talon Trot. Most transformations cannot attack, and most of them can walk underwater with no need for air. Transformations cost Mumbo Tokens to unlock and cannot travel very far outside of a world's entrance before the spell must be undone. When Banjo is transformed, his Sound effects will be high pitched.

World Transformation Unique Abilities
Mumbo's Mountain Termite Can stick to steep surfaces that Kazooie cannot
Bubblegloop Swamp Crocodile Can attack by biting, wade through the piranha infested waters, and play the Mr. Vile's mini-game.
Freezeezy Peak Walrus Can swim in frozen water, race Boggy for the first time, and allows you to enter Wozza's Cave for the first time.
Mad Monster Mansion Pumpkin Can squeeze through tight spaces
Click Clock Wood Bee Can fly anywhere and land on plants Banjo can't step on


In Banjo-Tooie, transformations cannot exit their host world (with the exception of the Stony, which can enter Hailfire Peaks, and Dragon Kazooie, which can enter any world). Most of them can attack and have varying amounts of health, which, in most cases, is also affected by the amount of energy segments you gained from Honey B.

Also, each world in Banjo-Tooie has a certain spell that can be performed by using Mumbo Pads. Some spells can be used only once, while others can be used as many times as necessary.

World Transformation Unique Abilities Spell Usage
Isle O' Hags Dragon Kazooie Can enter any world, allows Fire Breath and infinite Fire Eggs Heal Heals the sick Styracasourus
Mayahem Temple Stony Can play kickball (both here and in Hailfire Peaks), can understand other Stonies Summon Controls the Golden Goliath
Glitter Gulch Mine Detonator Can detonate TNT bundles, can deal damage by self-destructing CAUTION- Doing this deals also 1 unit of damage to self!(can't self-destruct if only 1 unit of health remains) Levitate Lifts up heavy objects
Witchyworld Van Can pay for attractions, can open special doors, can kill enemies by running into them Power Powers certain rides
Jolly Roger's Lagoon Submarine Can withstand extreme pressure, can fire torpedoes Oxygenate Makes water breathable
Terrydactyland T-Rex Can talk to other dinosaurs, can open certain doorways (Baby T-Rex) Enlarge Makes things bigger

Can scare away tough cavemen, kill enemies by running into them or by roaring (Daddy T-Rex)

Grunty Industries Washing Machine Can enter mechanical-personnel doors, can wash clothing, can damage enemies by shooting Banjo's briefs (underwear) EMP Disables equipment
Hailfire Peaks Snowball Can grow and recover health by rolling in snow, can kill enemies by rolling fast into them Life Force Revives dead people
Cloud Cuckooland Bee Can fly, can shoot eyeball-piercing stingers Rain Dance Causes plants to grow and rainbows to form

Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge[]

Transformations in Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge are in a similar vein as those from Banjo-Tooie since most can attack. However, the transformation system allows any transformation to be used in any world provided it is used in the original world first.

World Transformation Unique Abilities
Cliff Farm Mouse Can chew ropes and chains
Bad Magic Bayou Candle Can illuminate the area, can light wicks and fuses
Spiller's Harbor Octopus Can swim in harmful water
Freezing Furnace Tank Can crawl over acid and open tank doors