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Madame Grunty's Tent is an attraction in Witchyworld in Banjo-Tooie. Madame Grunty's Tent resides in one of the corners that circle the Big Top. It is a purplish pink color with yellow moons and stars on it. When you walk in the door, Grunty herself will begin to speak. If you are lucky, she will give you some feathers or eggs. If you are extremely lucky, she will give you the "GETJIGGY" cheat. If you are unlucky, however, she will say, "You win a beating. I like this one!" Banjo will then make sounds like he is getting hurt and will be kicked out the door with the loss of one health. After you get your reward there is a 25% chance that she will say that she needs to refurbish, and the front door will drop. After 1 minute, Grunty will begin to speak (if you are still in Witchyworld) and tell you that she has reopened her tent. The internal look of the tent is unknown, since it is only ever shown from the outside.

Oddly, even after beating the witch, Banjo and Kazooie can still return to Madame Grunty's Tent and receive beatings, which calls into question who exactly is in there.

Reward table[]

Chance Price Amount
1% Supersecret Cheat -
11% Eggs 20
11% Fire Eggs 5
11% Grenade Eggs 5
11% Red Feathers 10
11% Gold Feathers 5
11% Energy Bar Refill -
33% A Beating -