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Mama Clucker is a character from Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge and the mother of five baby chicks, who have all been lost in Cliff Farm. If Banjo finds and delivers all five of her children, Mama Clucker rewards him with a Jiggy. If Banjo talks to Mama Clucker after her children are rescued, she says that she wishes to travel with the bear and offer him any services she can to aid him on his quest. Banjo politely declines, stating that he doesn't think Kazooie would understand.

Later, she needs Banjo to go down a slippery slide to save her twelve eggs in exchange for another Jiggy.

Mama Clucker also appears alongside several other characters from Grunty's Revenge in a brief cameo role during the award ceremony for any Banjo-Pilot Grand Prix, which will occur if the player achieves an overall rank of third place or higher.



  • There is a possibility that Momma Clucker is only part of the NPC family "clucker" because there are two hens that look the same, one of them being Momma, the other unnamed. Momma Clucker is found in the "Farm Heights" region of the level, whereas, the other hen is found in the bottom layer of the level, simply name "Cliff Farm."