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The Mayan Kickball Tournament is a mini-game in Mayahem Temple from Banjo-Tooie.

The Location[]

The location of the Mayan Kickball Tournament is in the Kickball Stadium (Lobby) inside the Mayahem Temple world. Officer Unogopaz will not allow Banjo and Kazooie to enter unless they have been transformed into a Stony. After being transformed into a Stony, Officer Unogopaz will let Banjo and Kazooie enter.

The Rules[]

The rules are simple. Stony Banjo must have the highest score after 75 seconds have passed. To score points Stony Banjo must kick Yellow Balls into his own goal. However, there are different types of balls for each of the three matches.

Quarter-Finals: In the Quarter-Final match, only Yellow Balls appear. Yellow Balls give 2 points to the player who owns the goal the ball is kicked into. The A.I. of the computers is not very high, so beating this should be easy.

Semi-final: In a Semi-Final match both Yellow and Red Balls appear. Yellow Balls are still worth 2, while Red Balls are worth -1. This means a player's score can be lowered by kicking a Red Ball into their goal. The A.I. of the computers has increased but not very much.

Finals: In the Final match Yellow Balls, Red Balls, and Bombs appear. Yellows are still worth 2, and Reds worth -1. Bombs do not score points. Instead, once kicked, they explode after a short time or when something is hit (such as a player). The explosion stuns all Stonies in range for about three seconds. The A.I. is tough in the Finals match. The computers won't hesitate on stealing the ball from Stony Banjo.

The Prize[]

After you complete all three matches Stony Banjo will be rewarded with his trophy, a Jiggy.