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Metal Mr. Patch is one of the bosses fought in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. He is fought in Banjoland Act 6 in the challenge, "Even Older Dog, Newer Tricks." To defeat him, you need to use an airplane vehicle with a Sticky Ball or a strong air vehicle to ram into him. Move him over to the Cactus of Strength exhibit. Later on in the battle, he sends out Gruntbot troops in airplanes to attack you. Keep moving Metal Mr. Patch to the Cactus of Strength until he finally deflates.



  • Metal Mr. Patch appears not to be metal, but only recolored to look like metal.
  • As Mr Patch is an inspiration of Godzilla, this could suggest that Metal Mr Patch could possibly be the equivalence of MechaGodzilla.