“Arrrgh! Tell George his dinner is in the...”
Mildred Ice Cube, Banjo-Tooie
Mildred Ice Cube was married to George Ice Cube until a blizzard swept him away to Cloud Cuckooland. She implores Banjo and Kazooie to find him. Mildred apparently has a Jinjo frozen inside of her, making it impossible to get. The player must then attack her, and Mildred will explode into shards.

Mildred and her husband reappear in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts in Banjoland as props in the Freezeezy Peak area, although they seem to be treated as living things.


Mildred: Hey there young man! I'm Mildred Ice Cube, but I seem to have misplaced my husband, George. There was this terrible blizzard, and he was whisked off into the sky!

Kazooie: So?

Mildred: Isn't it obvious? I want you to go and look for him!

(if Banjo strikes up a conversation)

Mildred: My husband was blown away into the sky. Don't think your taking this little man I've acquired either!

(after Banjo kills her)

Mildred: Arrrgh! Tell George his dinner is in the...


  • Both Mildred and her husband George might have been named from the British television show, George and Mildred.
  • Mildred is probably the only friendly character in the series that the player has to directly kill for their own gain (George's demise was due to his own miscalculations).
  • It is possible to kill Mildred with not only the Bill Drill, but with Fire Eggs, Grenade Eggs, Clockwork Kazooie EggsMumbo's magic attack and Dragon Kazooie breathing fire.