First of all, you will need: 9 lives, and 1 good collecting place that has at least 2 Banjo statues. When this is done, find a way to die after you collect them. Keep reapeating. If you look at your lives while dying after reapeating this a few times, it will still be 9. The reason is that the game knows that you got more than 9 banjo statues, so you still have those lives. A very good place to do this is Grunty's Furnace Fun. This works on both N64 and XBLA version. This is very useful when having a hard time with Grunty. Another good place is Spiral Mountain + Mumbo's Mountain. Heres a guide to what I mean: (Grunty's Furnace Fun) First, you need to finish this. After the BBQ cutscene, you're back at the Furnace Fun area. Go onto the board and collect the Banjo statues. Once you get them, go to the north side of the board or the south side. (North is where you appear in after the BBQ) Then, off of the board, jump into the lava. If you already had 9 lives before you collected those, then when you respawn, it will still say 9!

(Spiral Mountain + Mumbo's Mountain) Alright, this one is eaisier to access, but harder to do. When you start off in Gruntilda's Lair, get out of it to Spiral Mountain. Go over to the Banjo statue behind the waterfall. Now go back in Gruntilda's Lair. Then, head over to Mumbo's Mountain. First, go to Mumbo's Skull. Turn into Banjo Termite Banjo, then climb Tower Ticker's Tower. When you get to the exit at the top, instead of the path to the Jiggy, go left for the Banjo statue. After, go to the place with Juju, and Mumbo's Skull. Break all the huts to find the last Banjo statue. Then, let a Grublin kill you or drown. OR You could just do the Mumbo's Mountain Banjo statues.

If you try this out, post what you did! Thanks for reading!

P.S: Please don't delete again, this took a while to make!

||| This is not a glitch, whoever wrote the above. The game is just incapable of showing more than nine lives on the counter. How you thought that having more than nine lives is a glitch is beyond me. The one who deleted this cancerous article the first time had the right idea.

||||| Oh, snap!

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