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Mrs. Squitter is a character from Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge. She asks for Banjo and Kazooie's help to find her two children.

When Banjo and Kazooie set off to find the children, they must go on the boat next to the smaller one in the polluted water. One of the Squits can be found wanting ice cream from Alfred P. Cock who gives Banjo an ice-cream once he defeats all of the Maggie Birds, causing him to hide in his van. Banjo must head off to that Squit and give him the ice-cream so it returns to its mom.

The other can be found near the N. Kreditz Arcade complaining that a villain put his favorite space toy on top of the N. Creditz Arcade. Banjo and Kazooie must obtain the space toy, give it to that Squit to reunite the two with Mrs. Squitter so Banjo and Kazooie may obtain a Jiggy.



  • There is an Animal Buddy in the Donkey Kong series named Squitter who is a spider and has eight legs similar to Mrs. Squitter meaning that some of her characteristics could have come from Squitter.
  • Mrs. Squitter appears in the award ceremony from Banjo-Pilot, although she does not come into the game at any other time other than the aforementioned one.