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Mumbo's Motors is a warehouse located in Showdown Town where Banjo and Kazooie go to construct vehicles during the events of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. It serves as Mumbo's main location in the game.

The area is separated into the following sections:

  • The Workshop Area, where Banjo constructs the vehicles of the game and/or edits features of chosen vehicles.
  • The Paint Shop, where Banjo can paint parts of the vehicle different sets of colors.
  • The Blueprint Area, where Banjo can load, save and delete Blueprints of vehicles, and also send vehicles to friends via Xbox Live.
  • The Test-o-Track, where Banjo and Kazooie test the vehicles they have made on several different terrains and where L.O.G.'s Lost Challenges is set if downloaded.

Mumbo can also show Banjo tutorials about the shop, as well as give Banjo free "half-built" vehicles. Outside Mumbo's Motors, is a pink square painted on the floor with a yellow skull on it where Banjo and Kazooie can place Mumbo Crates they have found around Showdown Town, so Mumbo can open them and place the vehicle parts inside the crates inside the warehouse. Mumbo's Motors has a large balloon of Mumbo's skull hanging high over Showdown Town.


Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Mumbo Motor -
French Garage de Mumbo -