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N. Kreditz Arcade is a retro-style arcade booth that uses "kreditz", or gold coins obtained during the slide mini game that is played along with the credits.

To obtain N.Kreditzs complete the game and in the ending credits get as many coins as you can in the slide minigame. When the ending credits have finished load the game again and go to Spillers Harbour level and find an Arcade mahine there and you will be able to use the N.Kreditz there to play mini-games that you have already completed.

Game List[]

Game World Location Cost
Egg Scramble Cliff Farm 20
Sheep Dip F

arm Heights

Grubby Chute Breegull Beach 60
Battle Boats Breegull Beach 80
Magic Angler Bad Magic Bayou 100
Slide O' Fear Spiller's Harbor 120
Frozen Fish Freezing Furnace 140
Snowy Sleds Freezing Furnace 160