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“Hi there bear buddy! I need 6 more Acorns before winter comes, have you seen any?”
Nabnut, Banjo-Kazooie

Nabnut is a gluttonous little red squirrel who lives in the side of the giant tree in Click Clock Wood.

Banjo and Kazooie first encounter him inside his house during the spring where he can be found gobbling up a pile of Acorns which he had previously set aside for winter. In the summer, he has eaten the entire pile and is so bloated that he can barely move. In autumn, he realises his mistake he made by eating his winter nut storage and asks for Banjo and Kazooie's assistance in collecting six more acorns from the area around his house, after which he rewards the duo with a Jiggy.

In the winter, Nabnut can be found sleeping in his bed next to a pink squirrel called Mrs. Nabnut. Her name is only mentioned in Scribes. She never talks and interestingly, she is the only character who is not seen in the character parade.



  • Chomp…Chew…Nabnut likes acorns! I'll just eat a few more...


  • Groan...Nabnut's eaten too many acorns. I've got none left for next winter now...


  • Hi there bear buddy! I need 6 more acorns before winter comes, have you seen any?
  • (having brought acorns, but not enough) Mmm...Nabnut hasn't got enough acorns yet, keep looking!
  • Yippee, that's all the acorns I need. Here, take this, I'll see you in the spring!


  • Zzzzzz...mmm, acorns...zzzzzz...

Acorn Locations[]

  • Inside Nabnut's House on a shelf
  • In another room of Nabnut's House (need to break window) underwater
  • The platform to the right (facing opposite from Nabnut's front door) down a steep slope that goes off the platform
  • The platform to the left (facing opposite from Nabnut's front door) in the air (you have to jump off and land on a path below and this will get you 2 acorns)