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Nabnut's Pool and Attic are two rooms in Click Clock Wood that is located near Nabnut's House. Banjo can enter these two area by walking on a pathway to the left of Nabnut's House to enter the Pool, and by using the Flight Pad in the Winter and then breaking the window with an egg in order to enter the Attic.

The Attic[]

Nabnut's attic is an area above the main part of Nabnuts house. It contains an Empty Honeycomb as well as two Grublin Hoods to watch out for. The attic itself is a room containing several mounds of nuts and wooden crates. It also has a green 'strange acorn light' and two platforms that stick out of the wall, providing a resting place for the empty honeycomb piece. To get into the attic, you have to fly up onto the window above the main house area, break open the window and then fly back up and inside (this is only possible during winter).

The Pool[]

Nabnut's pool is an area that lies to the right of where Nabnut's main house area is located. It is a small room that is filled with water (just like a pool is supposed to be) and contains blue eggs around the bottom edges and an acorn at the bottom in the autumn season. To get into the pool area, you must break open the window to the left of the main house area and jump inside. This is only possible during winter and autumn as you need a bridge to get over to the window (which doesn't get finished until autumn).