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Officer Unogopaz is a large tiger-like Moggy who poses as the Kickball Stadium's guard in Mayahem Temple in Banjo-Tooie. He makes sure that no one but Stonies can get in to play kickball.

Banjo and Kazooie try to get in to play kickball, but Unogopaz doesn't let them since the game's tickets were all sold out when they were playing the first game. Banjo tries to plead with the officer to let him and Kazooie in, but still denies entry. Kazooie attempts to offer a bribe, which angers Unogopaz. He severely tells off the two and explains that the Kickball league is respectable, and orders them to leave.

Once Banjo transforms into a Stony, Unogopaz still sees through his disguise, but lets him pass since there is a shortage of other Stony players in the kickball game.


  • Officer Unogopaz: Stop right there! What do you want?
  • Banjo: We want to go in there as it sounds cool!
  • Officer Unogopaz: Of course it's cool. Everyone wants to see the Stony Kickball Games!
  • Kazooie: Stand aside then, Bozo. We'll miss the action!
  • Officer Unogopaz: Bozo? I'm Officer Unogopaz, and there ain't no tickets left. They sold out while you were playing Banjo-Kazooie.
  • Kazooie: We don't want to watch. We're here to kick butt and win!
  • Officer Unogopaz: Nice try, but I'm afraid you can't. The games are only open to stonies.
  • Banjo: Oh, go on. Please?
  • Officer Unogopaz: Nope.
  • Kazooie: How about a bribe?
  • Officer Unogopaz: How dare you! This is a respectable organization! Get lost, both of you!

(When Banjo has turned into a stony)

  • Banjo: I'm Banjo the Stony. Can I come in and play?
  • Officer Unogopaz: Hmm... I don't know. That backpack looks kinda familiar...
  • Kazooie: Are you saying we're a bear and bird in an elaborate disguise, trying to cheat our way in?
  • Officer Unogopaz: Yep, it's pretty obvious. But they're a bit short on players, so you might as well go in anyway.

(Choosing to interact after being allowed entry)

  • Officer Unogopaz: You are free to enter.
  • Kazooie: That's really big of you.

(When you talk to him as Mumbo)

  • Officer Unogopaz: Sorry, but there's no way you're coming in here.


  • The name "Unogopaz" sounds similar to "You no go past", referencing Unogopaz's job as a guard.
  • Officer Unogopaz is apparently the only character to recognize Banjo while transformed. Banjo himself denies this, but he is not fooled (especially once Kazooie says something).
  • It is impossible to kick him as the Golden Goliath.