The Ordnance Storage Challenge is a shoot-out minigame in Glitter Gulch Mine. Banjo and Kazooie are tasked by Bullion Bill to safely defuse all fifteen TNT sticks of dynamite that are running rampant around the mine. The catch is that shooting the sticks any sort of eggs can trigger an instant explosion to all the dynamite, so the Beak Bayonet must be used instead to disarm them. If the duo try to enter the Ordnance Storage without learning the Beak Bayonet, Bullion Bill will deny the duo entry until they have learned how to use it. Once the first stick of dynamite is defused, the others will start a detonation timer at 200 seconds and failing to defuse them all within the time limit results in a failure. After the challenge is beaten, upon entering the next time Bullion Bill will tell the fastest record and the timer will start right away.

The challenge can only be entered once Targitzan has been beaten and the Beak Bayonet has been learned.

The physical level has many similarities to the Goldeneye Multiplayer level Library (also made by Rare).

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