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Ordnance Storage Shootout is a mini-game for Banjo-Tooie. It is only available for multiplayer (2-4 players), and is similar to the Ordnance Storage Challenge (single player mini-game).

The map is at Bullion Bill's Ordnance Storage Facility in Glitter Gulch Mine, and it features wide open rooms compared to the other two shootout mini-games. The center lobby is a Grenade Eggs source, and it has a 2nd floor catwalk to instigate deadly egg fire. Around the lobby is smaller hall ways and rooms that wrap around the main entrance that also are the host of heavy fire and shootouts. Several supply lines can be followed for a good total of Eggs (disambiguation). The Honey


The gameplay is exactly like Targitzan's Temple Shootout and Clinker's Cavern Shootout... players first select a character, than a game mode, and then an egg-type. After Jamjars does the count-off, players are automatically in Breegull Blaster firing position. They collect eggs for ammunition and traverse through the storage unit to stage firefights with other opponents (depending on the game mode and teams, opponents will vary.) The winner is decided by the player (or team) that has accumulated either 10 or 20 points (predetermined) or 5-10 minutes.