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The Pack Jump is a glitch in Banjo-Tooie. It allows Banjo to jump in the air while using the Pack Whack. This double-jump gives Banjo a total height that exceeds his Failed Flip, as well as allowing him to jump large distances, climb near-vertical slopes, and even nab items in alcoves above water that would normally force Kazooie to use the Turbo Trainers to get them.

Usually, the move is performed by pressing A button (N64) to jump and B button (N64) to use the Pack Whack, followed by A button (N64) again while Banjo is swinging the pack.

A variant of the trick involves repeatedly using the move against a sloped surface, allowing Banjo to climb steep slopes. There are two ways to do this. The first method is to alternate between B button (N64) and A button (N64) quickly, allowing speed, but may wear down the player's hand. The second method is to press B button (N64) and wait for Banjo to completely (or almost) finish the move, then press A button (N64) to jump and repeat.

Although it is considered a glitch, the Official Player's Guide to Banjo-Tooie lists it as a real move.