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Pine Grove is the fifth area of the Isle o' Hags in Banjo-Tooie, containing the entrance to Witchyworld. It can be first accessed by opening a gate in the Plateau controlled by a Fire Egg-activated switch. The area, the smallest of the game, has an evergreen forest theme. The area features the wreckage of a shuttered Witchyworld ride, the Flume of Doom and a large pool of water, both to the right of the entrance to Witchyworld. In the pool is a Talon Torpedo Stone which allows access to Wasteland through a digger tunnel (though on first access, the second battle with Klungo takes place between the two areas. Also, junk food brought from it and other exits are automatically confiscated). The rock can only be destroyed after learning Talon Torpedo in Jolly Roger's Lagoon.

Wumba's Wigwam in the Isle o' Hags is located here. Humba's transformation spell (Dragon Kazooie) can only be earned by finding the Mega-Glowbo. Jamjars has a silo here; Grenade Eggs are acquired from him.

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はやしエリア
Hayashi Eria
Grove Area
Spanish Pinar Pine Grove
French Pinède Pine Grove