PowerStrengthWeightPowerFuel RequiredMisc.Amount
Small EngineStrengthHighWeightLowPowerLowFuelLowA small engine shaped like a cube.4
Medium EngineStrengthHighWeightLowPowerMediumFuelMediumAn engine that is twice as long as the Small Engine.4
Large EngineStrengthHighWeightMediumPowerHighFuelHighAn L-shaped engine.4
Super EngineStrengthHighWeightLowPowerHighFuelMediumProduces a lot of power with very little fuel 2
Small JetStrengthHighWeightLowPowerHighFuelHighA pretty speedy jet that uses quite a bit of fuel.4
Large JetStrengthHighWeightMediumPowerVeryHighFuelVeryHighA very fast jet that guzzles fuel. Replenishers highly recommended.4
SailStrengthLowWeightLowPowerVeryLowFuelNoneProvide little power for no fuel. Can provide decent power in large quantities.6

Power Parts are needed to power most of the means of travel. You need them to power wheels, balloons, and many other objects. For the ones that don't necessarilly 'power' the parts, such as the jets, they are there to provide speed. The jets are in truth the only power parts that can make your vehicle actually keep in the air (when the vehicle is pointed up). When you are using a large jet, then it is a very wise idea to have a Replenisher.

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