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Banjo-Kazooie Music - Beta Prickly Pear Island

Prickly Pear Island is an unused level in Banjo-Kazooie.

Not much is known about Prickly Pear Island apart from its music.

From Grant Kirkhope about the music:

"I recently came across this tune, whilst looking for something else. It was called "Ice.mid", and I was not quite sure what it was. Even though I couldn't hear it, when I looked at the music, I recognized the beginning. It was originally written for a level called "Prickly Pear Island", for the game "Dream". This version seems to be one of my early ideas for a snow/ice level in "Banjo Kazooie". This is way before "Freezeezy Peak" ever existed. I am sure you will be able to hear elements from a few in the music, can you spot them?"[]