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Prima's Official Banjo-Tooie Strategy Guide is a guide for Banjo-Tooie published and distributed by Prima Games. It has 144 pages.

Product Description[]

Banjo is back with his red-feathered sidekick, Kazooie, for the much-anticipated 3D action-adventure sequel, Banjo-Tooie. Right from the start, this second adventure for the plucky pair is jammed to the gills with more of everything! Banjo-Tooie: Prima's Official Strategy Guide shows players the way with:

  • Awesome 3D maps of all nine worlds
  • Fun strategies for all minigames and puzzles
  • Details of all transformations and moves
  • Multiplayer strategies
  • Secrets for defeating all bosses, including the resurrected Gruntilda
  • In-depth map guide for each world showing all jiggies, jinjos, Pages, and more
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