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The Prison Compound is an area in Mayahem Temple in Banjo-Tooie. As its name suggests, there is a prison that has a secret connection to Glitter Gulch Mine. It is inaccessible to Glitter Gulch Mine's main entrance due to the inability to destroy the boulder blocking the entrance that has to be destroyed with Bill Drill, a move learned inside the mine. Dilberta the Mole is trapped there while seeking gold. After freeing her and following her to Bullion Bill, the duo receive a jiggy.

Points of Interest[]


  • Quicksand: A jiggy is also available here across a swamp area through which Banjo and Kazooie cannot pass. This is due to the Dragunda who lives in it, and if they try to cross, they are spit back to dry land after losing 1 honeycomb. To cross, they must climb on top of the prison cell and climb along a ledge (only after learning Grip Grab from Jamjars) then drop onto a ledge where some Wading Boots wait to enable the crossing. A second pair of boots resides in a small alcove behind the pedestal.
  • Columns Vault Pillars: After either climbing along a ledge or breaking open a boulder using Talon Torpedo, five large columns stand, along with a large boulder (breakable with Bill Drill) that sits above the entrance to the Columns Vault. Atop the highest pillar resides the area's second and last jiggy. After entering the Vault, the player must fire grenade eggs, rat-a-tap rap, or roll at the pillars within a 45-second time limit at the pillars in the correct order, allowing them to vibrate and have the jiggy bounce down to the lowest pillar for easy access. If the timer hits zero, the jiggy will respawn to the highest pillar and you will need to start over. Alternatively, the jiggy can be accessed by using a well-aimed Clockwork Kazooie Egg or with well-timed double jumps and Beak Buster moves. 

Cheato Pages[]

  • On top of the prison, inside the small tunnel leading to the Columns. Requires the Grip Grab.


Language Name Meaning
Japanese けいむしょエリア
Keimusho Eria
Prison Area