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Pumpkin Banjo is the native transformation of Mad Monster Mansion. It has no attacks or remarkable abilities, but its small size allows it to fit into small openings which Banjo and Kazooie would not normally be able to enter, even inside Loggo the toilet. In addition to being used in several puzzles within the world itself (even including moving heavily underwater in the well), the Pumpkin transformation is needed to access the shack just outside the world entrance (which, in turn, is required to enter to progress in the game), and it also required to squeeze through the hole in the wall just behind Brentilda in the room filled with lava inside the lair immediately before the Mad Monster Mansion room. A model of Pumpkin Banjo appears in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts in Banjoland.


  • Pumpkin Banjo is the only required transformation to complete the game. He is required to get into the hut and then transform into Banjo and then press the water level one switch.
  • After Mumbo turns Banjo into a pumpkin in Mumbo's Skull at Mad Monster Mansion for the first time and the coffin room in his hut, he states that looking at pumpkins makes him want to cook a meal of pumpkin soup.
  • Through glitching, the pumpkin can be used in Gobi's valley to glitch through the locked door and get the Blue Mystery Egg.
  • In the intro of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, L.O.G. transformed Gruntilda into a pumpkin, which is, probably, the same transformation as Pumpkin Banjo, but for Grunty.
  • The Pumpkin may roam as far as the Gobi's Valley Picture in the Lava Room of Gruntilda's Lair, where Mumbo's magic runs out immediately after the puzzle, giving it the longest range between its native level and the automatic detransformation zone.
Language Name Meaning
Japanese カボチャ