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Salty Joe is a red fox who serves fries in Witchyworld in Banjo-Tooie.


Salty Joe appears as a skinny red fox with a long, pointed muzzle and green eyes. He wears blue pants and a red-and-white striped apron with matching hat, both speckled in grease stains. His badge bears a four-star rating.


Salty Joe is a surly, disgruntled red fox who detests his job at Witchyworld. He hates dealing with customers, finding them annoying and demanding (despite the fact that Banjo and Kazooie are the only ones he serves). He barely makes an attempt to be polite when dealing with Banjo (I.E. telling him to "have a nice day, I guess" because he's paid to do so), and sarcastically snaps back at Kazooie for her sarcastic remarks on his lack of customers. He seems to have a bit more respect for Banjo, even requesting to tag along with him as a sidekick on his adventures, though this may just be out of desperation to get away from the fry stand.

Although he's not as incompetent or unhygienic as Big Al, Salty Joe's fries are just as disgusting- A nearby Information Signpost describes his fries as "a limp, greasy, tasteless alternative to a decent meal", and Joe himself describes them as limp and salty. During the character parade, he is also shown sneezing on the fries, much like Big Al coughing on his burgers. Despite all this, his stand has a four-star rating, as opposed to Big Al's single star.


After pressing the fry switch:

  • Salty Joe: Aw sheesh, someone found the switch...I hate customers, always wanting things!

First time meeting up:

  • Salty Joe: Hurry up and order, weirdos - I'm a busy guy!
  • Kazooie: So I see, we had to fight our way through this crowd of customers you have!
  • Salty Joe: Quite the comedian, huh? Now how about some of Salty Joe's limp, salty fries?

Ordering fries:

  • Kazooie: Gimme some fries, Joe!
  • Salty Joe: Yeah, fries coming right up. Er, have a nice day, I guess.
  • Banjo: I knew he would say that!
  • Kazooie: Yep, me too.
  • Salty Joe: (gives the duo fries) Hmmm, I'd better start frying up some more 'cause I'm all out!
  • Kazooie: Yes, you'd better prepare for the impending rush...
  • Salty Joe: Why, you cheeky...

Ordering fries as Banjo on his own:

  • Banjo: Gimme some fries, Joe!
  • Salty Joe: Yeah, fries coming right up. Er, have a nice day, I guess.
  • Banjo: Are you paid to say that?
  • Salty Joe: Errrm... Yes. (gives Banjo an order of fries)
  • Banjo: Thanks. I'll be off to continue on my exciting adventure now.
  • Salty Joe: Hey, do you need a sidekick? I got loads of cool moves.
  • Banjo: You have?
  • Salty Joe: Sure. How about the Salt Shaker Slap?
  • Banjo: Err...
  • Salty Joe: What about my Greasy Hand Grab?
  • Banjo: No.
  • Salty Joe: Er, and I can spit fries really far...
  • Banjo: See you later, Joe.

Choosing to interact as Kazooie on her own, Mumbo or the Van transformation:

  • Salty Joe: Sorry, but I'm afraid I'm not allowed to serve your kind.


  • Aside from the fact that Salty Joe sells fries, the term "salty" can refer to someone being bitter and antagonistic, further fitting his nasty personality.