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“Rarrr! I feel real healthy now, so I'm going to run all the way home!”
Scrat, Banjo-Tooie

Scrat Model

The Scrat model.

Scrat is one of the Styracosaurus children featured in Banjo-Tooie. Scrat is the eldest, and apparently got sick (reportedly from not washing his claws before eating), and only Mumbo can heal him. Using the Taxi Pack, Banjo must take Scrat into the train station and take him to Cliff Top, where Mumbo will "operate" by using the Heal spell. Once the healed Scrat returns to the Terrydactyland Train Station, he exclaims that he feels so much better and runs home.

Scrat's mother, Scrotty, gives Banjo and Kazooie a Jiggy for restoring her family back to normality. Scrat's brother, Scrit, suffers from dwarfism and Mumbo must use his magic to help him grow. Scrut, their sister, is trapped in Witchyworld's Hall of Horrors, and must be freed from her cell and board Chuffy, which will take her back to Terrydactyland.

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  • "Oh. I do feel slightly unwell. It must have been that caveman I ate, or perhaps it was the pterodactyl dung..."
  • "Oh. I'm still feeling rather rough. Is this train going to a doctor?"
  • "Rarrr! I feel so much better. Do you mind if I gnaw your leg a little?"
  • "Rarrr! I feel real healthy now, so I'm going to run all the way home!"
  • "Rarrr! I got my appetite back! May I have a quick chew of your bird?"


  • Scrat can be distinguished from the rest of his family by his yellow skin color.
  • Scrat shares his name with the acorn-loving Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel from the Ice Age movies.
  • A player's guide book called The Official Banjo-Tooie Player's Guide From Nintendo Power incorrectly stated Scrat to be a female.
  • Despite being a Styracosaurus and thus herbivorous, Scrat seems to have a taste for meat and has even said to have eaten a caveman. Interestingly, some scientists now think that Triceratops, Styracosaurus, and other ceratopsians might have been omnivorous.
  • Scrat's in game model is vastly different to the animated talking head. It appears to be a color swap of Scrut.
  • Scrat has long eyelashes like Scrut, thereby confusing players into thinking he is female.