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Shock Jump Pad
Beta Shock Jump Pad

Banjo on a beta Shock Jump Pad.

Shock Jump Pads, also known as Shock Spring Pads, are green pads with an image of Kazooie's foot on them which allow Banjo and Kazooie to use the Shock Jump Spring, sending them high in the air and giving them access to otherwise unreachable places. Simply stand on a pad and hold A button (N64) to perform the Shock Jump Spring.

When the move is used, Banjo first jumps off the pad with a normal-style jump. Once he nears the ground (he is controllable during this first jump), Kazooie lands on the ground, crouches down for about a second, and launches the pair into the air. The jump can be aborted by releasing A button (N64) at any time before it actually happens.

The use of this move is learned in Treasure Trove Cove near the sandcastle. It is required to open Clanker's Cavern.

In Banjo-Tooie, if Kazooie is on her own, she can jump higher with this pad than she would if Banjo was with her. There are some shock pads in the game that are especially needed for this use as using certain pads with Banjo and Kazooie together will not allow the duo to reach the area. It's required for Kazooie alone to use it.

In a beta version of the game, the Shock Jump Pad is far less detailed, is blue, and has what appears to be Kazooie's footprint and is slightly bigger than in the final version.