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Showdown Town is a world in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. It is the main hub world of the game, where all other worlds may be accessed, and for housing different colors of Jinjos. You can only use the default trolley vehicle here, but by completing certain Grunty Challenges in the worlds, you can earn upgrades for the trolley (such as a spring, floaters, and a laser).

Points of Interest[]

Town Square[]

  • Jiggy Bank - Bring Jiggies from the Jig-o-Vends here to add them to your Jiggy Bank.
  • Mumbo's Motors- Build, edit, paint, and test vehicles from here
  • L.O.G.'s Lost Challenges Act Door - Behind Mumbo's Motors, enter the Test-o-Track for some lost challenges.
  • Humba's Blueprint Shop- Buy blueprints and vehicle parts
  • Nutty Acres Act Doors- Enter the tropical island stage from here
  • L.O.G.'s Game Factory
  • Spiral Mountain Act Door- Enter Banjo's homeland from here

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Showdown Town Theme
When window pops up click open and wait for the music tune to load.
Play this tune.

Theatre District[]

  • LOGBOX 720 Act Doors- Enter the next-next-gen console from here.







  1. Mysterious Glow
    Purchase from Jolly Dodger for 25 Notes.
  2. Big Banker
    Purchase from Jolly Dodger for 50 Notes.
  3. Mr. Jiggywiggy
    Purchase from Jolly Dodger for 75 Notes.
  4. Puzzling Wonder
    Purchase from Jolly Dodger for 100 Notes.
  5. Jiggytastic
    Purchase from Jolly Dodger for 125 Notes.
  6. Jiggy Tamperer 1
    On the top of L.O.G.'s factory.
  7. Jiggy Tamperer 2
    In a cave beneath the lighthouse.
  8. Jiggy Tamperer 3
    Below Klungo's Arcade, underwater.
  9. Jiggy Tamperer 4
    Underwater tunnel beneath L.O.G.'s factory.
  10. Jiggy Tamperer 5
    On a balcony in uptown.

Mumbo Crates[]

  1. Gained in the vehicle building tutorial. Contents: Standard Seat, Standard Wheel (x4), Small Engine, Small Fuel, Tray, Small Taxi Seat (x2), Small Ammo, Light Cube (x50), Light Wedge (x50), Light Corner (x50), Light Pole (x50), Light L-Pole (x50), Light T-Pole (x50), Light Panel (x50), Light L-Panel (x50), Light T-Panel (x50)
  2. Behind Mumbo's Motors, on the right when looking at it from the front. Contents: Light Cube (x50), Light Wedge (x50), Light Corner (x50), Light Pole (x50), Light L-Pole (x50), Light T-Pole (x50), Light Panel (x50), Light L-Panel (x50), Light T-Panel (x50)
  3. Beneath a glass overhang to the right of Bottles in the Showdown Town Square. Contents: Egg Gun
  4. To the left of Mumbo's Motors in the Showdown Town Square, when facing it from the front. Contents: Fulgore's Fist
  5. Directly to the left of Humba Wumba in the Showdown Town Square. Contents: Standard Wheel (x4), Small Fuel
  6. On top of Mumbo's Motors. Contents: Aerial
  7. On top of the statue in front of the entry to LOGBOX 720. Contents: Bumper (x4)
  8. When in front of the entry to LOGBOX 720, the crate is on a wooden board on the right. Contents: Small Ammo, Small Engine
  9. At the very top of L.O.G.'s factory. Contents: Cruisin' Light (x2), Plant Pot, Spirit of Pants, Windscreen (x2)
  10. When the player stands in the Showdown Town Square, a castle and a mostly ruined archway can be seen to the left of L.O.G.'s factory. Atop the archway is a crate. Contents: Large Taxi Seat (x2)
  11. Contents: High Grip Wheel (x4), Tray
  12. Contents: Standard Wing (x2)
  13. Contents: Sinker (x2), Fulgore's Fist
  14. Contents: Spotlight (x2)
  15. Contents: Spec-o-Spy
  16. Contents: Tow Bar (x4)
  17. Contents: Balloon (x6)
  18. Contents: Freezeezy
  19. Contents: Gyroscope
  20. Contents: Egg Turret, Balloon (x6)
  21. Contents: Sail (x2), Floater (x4)
  22. Contents: Medium Fuel, Heavy Cube (x50), Heavy Wedge (x50), Heavy Corner (x50), Heavy Pole (x50), Heavy L-Pole (x50), Heavy T-Pole (x50), Heavy Panel (x50), Heavy L-Panel (x50), Heavy T-Panel (x50)
  23. Contents: Medium Engine, Small Propellor (x2), Large Tray
  24. Contents: Detacher (x2), Small Taxi Seat (x2)
  25. Contents: Armor (x16), Small Engine
  26. Contents: Ejector Seat, Boot-In-A-Box
  27. Contents: Liquid Squirter, Spoiler
  28. Contents: Self-Destruct
  29. Contents: Egg Turret, Light Cube (x50), Light Wedge (x50), Light Corner (x50), Light Pole (x50), Light L-Pole (x50), Light T-Pole (x50), Light Panel (x50), Light L-Panel (x50), Light T-Panel (x50)
  30. Contents: Medium Engine, Medium Ammo, Heavy Cube (x50), Heavy Wedge (x50), Heavy Corner (x50), Heavy Pole (x50), Heavy L-Pole (x50), Heavy T-Pole (x50), Heavy Panel (x50), Heavy L-Panel (x50), Heavy T-Panel (x50)
  31. Contents: Suck-n-Blow, Small Fuel
  32. Contents: Weldar's Breath, Standard Wheel (x4), Bumper x4
  33. Contents: Sticky Balls (x2), Small Ammo
  34. Contents: Small Propellor (x6), Sail (x2), Floater (x4)
  35. Contents: Grenade Gun (x2)
  36. Contents: Folding Wing (x2)
  37. Contents: Box, Egg Gun (x3)
  38. Contents: Vacuum, Spring (x3)
  39. Contents: Grenade Gun (x3), Spoiler (x4), Spotlight (x3), Rust Bin
  40. Contents: Large Engine, Large Fuel, Large Propellor (x2), Standard Wing (x2)
  41. Contents: Foldy Propellor (x2), Medium Fuel, Freezeezy
  42. Contents: Grenade Turret, High Grip Wheel (x4), Large Ammo, Armor (x16)
  43. Contents: Small Jet, Medium Ammo, Sinker (x2)
  44. Contents: Small Jet (x2), Grenade Turret, Foldy Propellor (x2)
  45. Contents: Large Jet, Torpedile, Spring (x4)
  46. Contents: Large Propellor (x2), Large Box, Large Engine
  47. Contents: Large Jet (x2), Large Fuel, Large Ammo, Laser
  48. Contents: Super Cube (x50), Super Wedge (x50), Super Corner (x50), Super Pole (x50), Super L-Pole (x50), Super T-Pole (x50), Super Panel (x50), Super L-Panel (x50), Super T-Panel (x50)
  49. Contents: Super Wheel (x8)
  50. Contents: Super Seat, Super Fuel (x2)
  51. Contents: Super Engine, Super Ammo (x2)

Stop N Swop Crates[]

Cyan Egg Crate- Contents: Mole-On-A-Pole
Pink Egg Crate- Contents: Fluffy Dice
Blue Egg Crate- Contents: Roysten the Goldfish in his bowl
Green Egg Crate- Contents: Beacon
Red Egg Crate- Contents: Disco Ball
Yellow Egg Crate- Contents: Googly Eyes
Ice Key Crate- Contents: Flag (x2)


Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドタンバたうん Showdown Town
Spanish Ciudad Duelo Showdown Town
French Duelville ChallengeTown


  • This Hub World's theme has a verse of Jinjo Village from Banjo Tooie. Also the docks have a verse of Rusty Bucket Bay from Banjo Kazooie.
  • There are ways to get to a few areas that require upgrades to the trolley without the respective upgrades. You can build a staircase from crates and climb them, or put an object on your trolley, stand on it, and lift your trolley with the wrench, and essentially fly using your trolley.


  • There are many signs that reference Grabbed by the Ghoulies, such as Mr. Rib's BBQ.
    • Ghoulhaven Hall is visible from the highest point of Showdown Town, referencing Grabbed by the Ghoulies.
  • In two windows are newspapers with pictures of Conker the Squirrel.