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The Showdown Town Police Department is the official law enforcement of Showdown Town. The police appear in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. The chief of the police is Pikelet. Salty Joe from Banjo-Tooie returns to be an officer in the police. The police will chase you by running into civilians or policemen, see you shooting the laser (discharging a weapon), catch you taking Jiggies from the Jig-O-Vends (smuggling),or hear you honking the horn (disturbing the peace). The police can be escaped by traveling as far away as possible from them, destroying them, or bribing Pikelet. Police chasing you will often ram into you, but later in the game they will shoot grenades at you. There are two types of police cars in Showdown Town; the red and blue, which can only ram into you, and the black and white, which fires grenades at you. The police contain a similar appearance to the weasels in the Conker Series. Also, the tag's name parodies Hag 1.


  • If you go to the police station while Pikelet's police are after you an alarm will be ringing and the spotlights will be on.