Banjo-Kazooie Wiki

The silo is located in Isle o' Hags. Banjo and Kazooie insert themselves inside the wrap thing when the lights are green in more than one location.

In Banjo-Tooie, Banjo and Kazooie can utilize Jamjars' networks of silos to make their way around the Isle o' Hags much quicker than on foot. The Silos are spherical shaped and have a row of red lights around them when inactive. Approaching a Silo causes it to open and the lights will turn to green, activating it for use. Silos appear in every main area of the hub overworld. At least two different Silos must be activated for the network to be usable. However, silos are not located in Digger Tunnels and cannot be warped into. They replace the Warp Cauldrons from the Previous Game. Even if a silo is activated, if the player tries to approuch it as either Banjo or Kazooie seperated, as a Clockwork Kazooie or as Mumbo, the silo will not open for them, as only Banjo and Kazooie together may use the silos. Kazooie's dragon transformation does not apply to this rule unless she is without Banjo.

Silo Icons[]

These are the faces of certain people's heads which will appear to the left of the names of the places you can go through the silos: