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Sir Slush the Snowman is an enemy found in Freezeezy Peak and the winter season of Click Clock Wood. There is also one just outside the Freezeezy Peak entrance in Gruntilda's Lair. This baddie is no Frosty the Snowman, as he laughs menacingly while he rolls snowballs and tosses them directly into Banjo and Kazooie's path. Fortunately, just touching Sir Slush is not enough to hurt Banjo and will merely send the bear bouncing backwards. However, doing so is not advisable, especially if freezing water or a long fall are nearby.

Sir Slush is immune to all ground attacks; even the Wonderwing is ineffective. The only way he can be harmed is by using Kazooie's Beak Bomb ability to aim for the big red X on his top hat while flying. Although aiming for such a small target can be difficult, especially since Sir Slush wiggles around while rolling snowballs, he remains a stationary enemy and is unable to move out of the way. Once Banjo has effectively landed a Beak Bomb on Sir Slush's noggin, the snowman will explode in slushy snow-white goodness while Banjo ejects his characteristic "Duh-hut!" shout. Beating all five Sir Slushes in Freezeezy Peak will grant Banjo a Jiggy.


  • Sir Slushes are the only enemies of Banjo-Kazooie who have a specific weak spot on their body, but require certain conditions (in this case, flying + Beak Bomb) to defeat them.
  • Since Sir Slush's weak spot is his hat, he is likely a reference to Frosty the Snowman, whose entire life force resided in his hat.
  • Banjo's Claw Swipe can be used to destroy Sir Slush's snowballs projectiles, they drop a honeycomb piece upon being destroyed. These honeycombs - unlike honeycombs spawned any other way - will despawn after a while.
  • Sir Slush is very similar to Bleak, a boss from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, also developed by Rare. Like Sir Slush, Bleak is an evil snowman who wears a top hat and attacks by hurling snowballs at you.
  • According to a few people sir slush is the boss of freezeezy peak