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Snarebears are large Venus flytrap-like enemies that, as their name suggests, like to eat bears such as Banjo. They appear in all seasons of Click Clock Wood, growing as time passes, although in winter only their shriveled remains are present.

While they will not do anything unless stepped on (despite snapping frantically when Banjo approaches), they have a tendency to possess Musical Notes, Mumbo Tokens, Gold Feathers (in winter) or other items that one could find useful. During the spring, it is best to gather their items as a bee, as they will not hurt Banjo when he is transformed as a bee. In other seasons where the bee is not available, the Wonderwing can be used to protect against the rapid biting of this carnivorous plant, which will injure the bear and bird for two honeycombs.


  • The Snarebear's name and appearance is likely derived from a bear trap; a hunting trap possessing steel jaws that is primarily used to capture bears. Both the Snarebear and bear trap function when their target is standing in the centre of it.
  • It's ironic that snarebears, who are based on carnivore plants, don't eat insects (they don't attack Bee Banjo).