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The Snooze Pack is an ability which Banjo learns from Jamjars in Grunty Industries. This move is executed by holding Z button (N64) and pressing C right button (N64) and allows Banjo to sleep in his backpack to recover health at a rate of about one honeycomb per second. This is extremely useful, especially when crushing hazards, such as Stomponadon, (which deplete all except one or two honeycombs) are present. This can also be used to heal whenever a Split-Up Pad is around; simply split up, Snooze Pack, and rejoin for a health boost. The move's main downside is that it takes about a second to jump out of the backpack, which is bad if you are surprise attacked.

Jamjars' Rhyme[]

When you're feeling
rather low,
I know a place
that you can go!
Z button (N64) followed by C right button (N64)
removes your pack,
have a nap
to get energy back!
Language Name Meaning
Japanese おやすみリュック
Oyasumi Ryukku
Rest Backpack