Banjo-Kazooie Wiki

The Snowball is the transformation of Hailfire Peaks. Banjo can use a powerful rolling attack to run over enemies when B button (N64) is held. Unlike other transformations, Snowball Banjo has a set life bar of five honeycombs. He will shrink in size if he takes damage, but can heal himself and make himself larger simply by rolling around in some thick snow. Being large and heavy makes it possible for Snowball Banjo to activate old, rusty switches, but also makes fitting through small doorways difficult; as such, purposely taking damage to make Banjo smaller is sometimes needed to get into tight spaces.

Being made of snow, Snowball Banjo cannot survive long on the Fire Side of Hailfire Peaks, but some puzzles require him to use the Fire Side as a connector between areas which he cannot access by himself on the Icy Side, so strategize carefully and plan your trips so you spend the least possible amount of time away from the safe side. You can use B button (N64) to roll through the Hothand enemies without stopping.

A note of warning: Since you have to hurt yourself to one honeycomb in order to get back into Wumba's Wigwam by using a fireplace next to her wigwam, you may get stuck if you play as the Snowball with the HONEYKING or HONEYBACK cheats activated, since they mean that you can't shrink, or steadily grow, respectively. It is still possible to re-enter the wigwam and complete other smaller-snowball tasks while using HONEYBACK, but it requires a degree of speed. And when you change back, you will be temporarily a larger version of Banjo before resetting.


  • Unlike the other transformations, the snowball's health-bar doesn't change with the extra honey pieces and always remains at five no matter how many health-upgrades the player gets. This is due to how the amount of health the snowball has determines his size and the game isn't programed to make him any bigger than five sizes.