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Spiral Rise is a sub-area of Spiral Mountain in Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge. In this area, you can find the Grunty's Castle, which is being built. Nearby, you'll see the Honey B's Hive, where Honey B will increase your energy bar in exchange for Hollow Honeycombs. To the left you'll see the Spiral Mountain (now without a bridge) where you get a Jiggy. Beyond the mountain, you will find the entrance to Bad Magic Bayou. If you climb the road to the waterfall, you get to Spiral Mere.

Points of Interest[]



  1. Under a pile of twigs, below Grunty's Castle .
  2. At the top of Spiral Mountain you'll find a Jiggy Switch. Click it and you have 11 seconds to get to a mound to the right of Grunty's Castle, where the Jiggy is.
  3. In the middle of the river, just before the waterfall.
  4. Behind the entrance of Bad Magic Bayou. Beware of Chompa!


  • Among a barrage of fire, which is eliminated with Ice Eggs.
  • At the top of Spiral Mountain

Hollow Honeycombs[]

  • Above Honey B's Hive.