Squawkmatch is a multiplayer feature found in Banjo-Tooie. It consists of two to four players blasting each other with eggs scattered around the maps.

Controls (N64 Version).

B: Beak Bayonet

Control Stick: Move

R: Change Egg Type

Left and Right C: Strafe

Up and Down C: Look up and down

R (Hold): Aiming Sight

A (In front of secret door): open/close door


Weight: Weight is a key component for any character. The weight classes are: Lightweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight.

Lightweights are fast and are hard to hit because they don't contain any extra weight. There is only one lightweight.

Middleweights move at an average pace so they are easier to damage. These characters carry extra gear, slowing them down. There are three middleweights.

Heavyweights (aka: tanks) are very solid


Banjo: An average, all-rounder character.

Weight: Middleweight

Size: Average

Mumbo Jumbo: An average, all-rounder character.

Weight: Middleweight

Size: Average

Jamjars: A heavy, slow character

Weight: Heavyweight

Size: Average

Gruntilda: A heavy, extremely slow character

Weight: Super-heavyweight

Size: Large

Jinjo: A quick speedy character

Weight: Lightweight

Size: Small


  • While Banjo uses Kazooie to shoot eggs like a rifle, most of the other characters hold a small bird like a pistol.
  • When playing as a Jinjo, the player controls a Jinjo holding another Jinjo.
  • In normal mode all in-game eggs and another type of egg is available. The new type are golden eggs.
  • Golden eggs let the player fire an unlimited amount of gold-coloured eggs as rapidly as a machine gun. Instead of an amount of eggs, the golden eggs have a timer.
  • The golden egg is likely a reference to the golden gun in another popular N64 game, GoldenEye 007.
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