I found i screwy glitch with the Jiggy Switch in Banjo-Kazooie. I was playing my game file, and i just finished my time in Rusty Bucket Bay. I came to the point where you had to hit the switch so the jiggy podium would appear. But neverless, the game froze. I was expecting that my data would of been lost, since i never saved, so i decided not to play anymore. Days later, i decided to play again, But for some reason, My data wasn't lost! I went to where the switch was, and it was pressed even though the game had frozen up right after i hit it. I used the dingpot teleport to the river room, and i heard the same strange sound of the jiggy podium appearing! i went to the Click Clock Wood Puzzle room, and put the pieces in. After the cutscene of the door opening, all of a sudden the jiggy podium flew up into the air with Banjo on it!!!! It was as if every time i entered the river room, the game would act as if the cutscene took place in the area every time i go there, because the game never got the chance to show the cutscene due to the game freezing! For god's sake, someone post this on a glitch website or somethin'!

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