I beat Grunty's Revenge just yesterday and nowhere does it say that Mumbo was still learning magic alongside Gruntilda in the past. In fact, judging by how Grunty has already started to build her lair and is raising an army here 20-30 years ago, it could easily be assumed that she was already a powerful person by this time and still just as wicked as in the present, so whatever happened between she and Mumbo probably happened long before this. Speaking of which actually, I kind of wonder where past Grunty was during the game.... Jimbo-Jambo

Ya got me. I have'nt read the Banjo-Kazooie manual in years and even though I've played through the main games, it's still unknown to me about Mumbo's past. But,then again,who knows? Maybe in Nuts and Bolts Mumbo's past will be revealed....Wariodude64
I actually happen to have kept the manual from B-K and that's where the information about him being Grunty's former teacher comes from. If nobody sources that information about them being taught together then I'm just going to remove it. It's ridiculous and misleading. Jimbo-Jambo

Mumbo is a Grublin

I know it's said in the trivia section that he might have been one, but I think it should be said in the actual character description, I mean it says he could have been a Jinjo, while also saying it's been denied! I believe the Grublin theory is not only more believable, but also hinted at by the game itself! Mumbo looks just like one, only with the face replaced by a skull, even has the same feathers on his head, wears similar clothes and Grublin actually are the main inhabitants of Mumbo's Mountain, and can't be found anywhere else, so Mumbo is basically THEIR shaman. So I don't get why this theory doesn't have more recognition, but most importantly why the beta skulled Grublin is said as the only thing supporting it!--Kombatgod (talk) 14:37, May 5, 2013 (UTC)

Is Mumbo a Jinjo?

many people believe that mumbo was a jingo.

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