This is the kind of thing I was talking about... I think we can outline what the Jinjonator is and what role it plays without describing every single detail about the battle. Especially since we're a gaming wiki, targeted at an audience with a less than perfect attention span, articles should be short and easy to read. Would anyone object to having this rewritten?... Jimbo-Jambo

Not just is it a bit lengthy, but it's got some grammatical errors...I think it would be fine to rewrite it, in my opinion. I would leave in details on how he'she'it's activated and what it does--namely, the four Jinjo statues, then the final statue, and them being activated by eggs...and...well, hold on...Something like,
"The Jinjonater--whose name is an obvious reference to the Terminater--is a large Jinjo or Jinjo-like creature featured in the final battle of Banjo-Kazooie. He is essential to winning the battle. (br, maybe, spoiler warning) During the final battle, after hitting her enough, Gruntilida creates a force field that is inpenetrable to Banjo and Kazooie's attacks. However, Jinjos are able to pierce it and hit Gruntilida, and they assist Banjo by doing so themselves and summoning the Jinjonater. This is done via statues that require eggs to be shot in holes, while Gruntilida fires spells relentlessly. Once four normal statues are activated, a fifth one appears--the Jinjonater. It requires four holes' worth of egg-shooting to activate. When it does, it rises up, absorbing the four other Jinjos (presumably to enhance its own power), and attacks Gruntilida mercilessly until, with a final blow, bashes her out of the ring and off the tower. The Jinjonater has remained unseen since. A possible reference does lie in the giant Jinjo statues in Grunty's Revenge who give Banjo the task of finding the Jinjos and gives a Jiggy for completing that task."
...Or something like that. You could probably write it better, but that might be how I would write it. I might edit it again to give it less unimportant details, but I think the fact that the Jinjonater is only in one fight in one game might be important enough to merit a small explaination of the battle. That's just me and my opinion, though. See ya!! FerreTrip 21:32, 15 May 2008 (UTC)

Red eyes?

I think his eyes are rubies.

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