Taxi Pack
Game(s) used Banjo-Tooie (XBLA)
World learned Terrydactyland
Buttons Z button (N64).png + C left button (N64).png
B button (N64).png to scoop objects
Used for Carrying certain objects

The Taxi Pack is an ability which Banjo learns from Jamjars in Terrydactyland inside the waterfall cave. Without Kazooie taking up space in the backpack, there is more room available for Banjo to carry subjects who need help like Scrat, larger objects, such as batteries, and that's exactly what the Taxi Pack allows him to do!

Hold Z button (N64).png and press C left button (N64).png to hold the backpack, and then while still holding Z button (N64).png press B button (N64).png to pick objects up. Banjo can still move, jump, and attack while carrying something, but he must drop it by holding Z button (N64).png and pressing C left button (N64).png again in order to rejoin with Kazooie. The object inside the pack will not come out willingly unless its destination is reached; if for some reason Banjo wants to dump it before then, the only way to remove it is to press Z button (N64).png followed by B button (N64).png. If not picked up again quickly, it will warp to its original location.

Jamjars' Rhyme

No Kazooie means space
in your pack,
a way to fill it is what
you lack!
Pick large things up off
the ground,
in they go and carry 'em

Strangely enough, Jamjars does not actually tell the player what buttons to press unless he is spoken to again.

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リュックタクシー
Ryukku Takushī
Backpack Taxi

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